How to Treat Acne Naturally


How to Treat Acne Naturally

Wondering how to treat acne naturally? Tune into this week’s Happier & Healthier Podcast episode.

Rethinking Acne

Growing up, I thought the only way to treat acne was to buy a cream at the drugstore, or perhaps a 3-step cleansing regimen off of an infomercial. When that didn’t work, I tried going to multiple dermatologists for their prescription strength medications – both topical and oral. The topical made my skin  “worse before it gets better,” however it never actually got better. I never stopped breaking out.

At one point, a doctor prescribed accutane.

This was the same time I would lock myself in the bathroom and bawl my eyes out having a nervous breakdown, trying to understand why I was cursed with acne so bad I was too embarrassed to leave the house.

I filled the prescription and happened to read the side effects, one of which included “severe depression that could lead to suicide.” Seeing as I was already depressed, I opted not to take it.

I didn’t let anyone take photos of me when my skin was really broken out, but here are scans of old photos on “good days.” The middle one is with makeup on, and you can still see blemishes popping out on my forehead, nose, and around my mouth. (Yes, baby Maria was overweight, too – and was clearly removing way too much eyebrow). You can also see how red my skin looks, particularly my cheeks – like I am sunburned. Nope. just good ol’ inflammation.

how to treat acne naturally_before and after

How to Treat Acne Naturally

In the podcast episode I discuss:

  • The 5 most common diet and lifestyle related causes of acne
  • How diet affects acne
  • What foods to remove from the diet to heal acne naturally
  • What nutrients and foods to add to the diet to treat acne naturally
  • How malnutrition affects acne (yes, it’s possible to be deficient in certain nutrients if you’re eating on a Standard American Diet)
  • How poor digestion can cause acne (and a few ways to start improving your digestion, including, probiotics)
  • How hormones affect acne (and how diet affects hormones!)
  • How stress affects acne (and how diet affects stress!)
  • How cosmetics contribute to acne (even if they are “non-comedogenic”)
  • All tips are from my EatBEAUTY guide

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If you enjoy the podcast, leave a review on iTunes, email info (at) a screenshot and we will send you a free 3-day sugar detox meal plan. (Here is a post on how to leave an iTunes Review – it only takes a minute or two!).


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how to treat acne naturally

Maria Marlowe

Maria Marlowe

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