Feel Amazing Everyday with Sarah Anne Stewart

Want to feel amazing everyday? It starts with the thoughts in your head. Join in on my convo with Sarah Anne Stewart as we talk mindfulness, meditation, and most importantly, making peace with your body, no matter what it looks like (or society tells you it should look like).
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How to make and nourish friendships

How to Make & Nourish Friendships

Are friendships the medicine you’re missing? We talk so much about food, exercise, and meditation, but strong friendships are just as vital to our health and happiness. 
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what is the best diet?

Is there such a thing as the best diet?

What is the best diet? Well, it depends who is asking the question. Listen to the latest Happier & Healthier podcast episode in which I explain why there isn’t a one-size fits all diet, how to use food as medicine to heal, and how to use information from your microbiome to optimize your diet. 
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Salmon with Mango Salsa

Wild Salmon with Mango Salsa

This delicious wild salmon with mango salsa is a go-to in my kitchen. Ready in under 15 minutes, it’s perfect for a weeknight, despite the fact it’s fancy enough for a dinner party.
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Stress Less, Accomplish More with Emily Fletcher

Who doesn’t want to stress less and accomplish more? Leading meditation expert Emily Fletcher shares why meditation is the key, and how to combine mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation into a daily practice that improves our life.
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Sweet and Salty Antioxidant Salad Maria Marlowe

Sweet & Salty Antioxidant Salad

I originally threw this sweet and salty antioxidant salad together with ingredients I happened to have on hand. But, it ended up being so delicious, that I’ve kept making it and had to share the recipe with you.
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How Emotions & Toxins are Messing with your Health (Despite a Healthy Diet) with Naturopath Dr. Christian Gonzalez

Ever feel under the weather after a breakup, loss, or emotionally stressful time? It turns out that our emotions and thoughts have a significant impact on our immune system. As do environmental toxins, another invisible culprit that could be sabotaging your health, despite a healthy diet! I discuss both with naturopath Dr. Christian Gonzalez on the latest Happier & Healthier podcast...
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Is Brushing Your Teeth is Harming Your Health? with Trina Felber, RN

If the eyes are a window to the soul, than your mouth is a window to your health. Registered Nurse Trina Felber explains oral-systemic health on the latest Happier & Healthier podcast. She breaks down how your heart, brain, immune system, and entire body are impacted – negatively or positively – based on how you brush your teeth.
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Beans & Greens

This hearty and flavorful, one-pan meal is as delicious as it is nutritious. Ready in less than 15 minutes, this will be a weeknight recipe you put on repeat. 
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Food is Our Best Medicine

This week, I’m sharing tips from my book The Real Food Grocery Guide on how to use food as medicine. Learn my recommendations on gluten, dairy, meat, organic, and more.
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Lies the Food Industry Feeds Us with Vani Hari

Ever find your hand at the bottom of a (family-size) food bag and still not feel full? It’s not your fault. Author and activist Vani Hari, aka the Food Babe, reveals the lies the food industry feeds us that are sabotaging our health. From manipulating studies to engineering food to be addictive, Vani breaks down how to spot food industry...
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Are eggs healthy?

Are eggs healthy? What CNN got wrong

Ever wonder, “Are eggs healthy?”. You probably have. Especially, after seeing a recent headlines like this one from CNN: “Three or more eggs a week increase your risk of heart disease and early death, study says”.
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Basil & Pea Hummus

This basil and pea hummus is a quick and delicious spring recipe, ready in 5 minutes. Pair it with veggie crudite, or use it as a creamy protein-packed sauce on gluten-free pasta.
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Eat with Intention with Cassandra Bodzak

If you’ve ever had body image issues or can’t seem to stop eating mindlessly, this one’s for you. On this Happier & Healthier Podcast episode, author Cassandra Bodzak shares tips on how you can eat with intention and eliminate negative self talk.
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Is Organic Food Worth it?

In an ideal world everything we eat would be organic. But, in the real world, is organic food worth it? Does the extra expense come with an added benefit, or are you just throwing your money away?
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