Should I Panic if it’s Not Organic with Max Goldberg?

Organic Insider Founder Max Goldberg shares why choosing organic (and not just for food!) is a smart choice for you and your health. In addition to organics in food and our life, he discusses whether or not hydroponics should be considered organic, and how the powerful ag-tech industry manipulates public opinion on its chemicals.
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Stop Self-Sabotage with Dr. Judy Ho

Even the most successful people get in their own way—often without realizing it. For anyone who has found themselves seemingly up against a brick wall more than once, this is a must listen episode. Clinical and Forensic Psychologist Dr. Judy Ho shows us step-by-step how to break the habit of self-sabotage.
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Watermelon Slushie with Coconut Ice

On a hot summer day, this refreshing and icy watermelon slushie with coconut ice is sure to hit the spot. You can start with a spoon, then slurp the rest up with a straw. Save on Healthy Ingredients I made this recipe for, my favorite place to shop for healthy ingredients at a fraction of the price of what I’d...
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Period Problems Solved with Alisa Vitti

Ever feel like your energy, personality, and productivity changes throughout the month? Does “PMS” throw you off and ruin your week? Hormone Expert Alisa Vitti is here to share how we can use our period to be more productive and how to get rid of PMS symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes.
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Crispy Orange Sesame Cauliflower

This Chinese-takeout-inspired Crispy Orange Sesame Cauliflower is sure to hit the spot. Lightly breaded with a gluten free coating, then doused in a delicious sticky savory + sweet orange dressing, these will fly off the plate.
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Release Physical Pain by Releasing Emotional Pain with Anela Lineham

Ever feel like you need a good tune up? You probably do! Our aches, pains, and physical injuries could be triggered by more than something physical. Anela Lineham, co-founder of the Human Garage, shares how trauma and emotions get locked in our fascia (connective tissue) which could lead to posture issues, pain, and more. I share my transformative experience at...
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Vegan Coconut Key Lime Bars

These creamy vegan coconut key lime bars make for an easy yet crowd-pleasing dinner party dessert. Save on Healthy Ingredients I made this recipe for, my favorite place to shop for healthy ingredients at a fraction of the price of what I’d pay at the grocery store. Plus, I don’t have to physically go to the grocery store, or schlep...
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Broccoli Burgers with Turmeric Tahini Sauce

If you want more greens and fiber in your veggie burgers, try this easy and tasty Broccoli Burger recipe. Eat them on their own smothered in this turmeric tahini dressing or pop ’em in a gluten-free burger bun (or lettuce burger).
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Create Your Dream Life with Gala Darling

Stuck in a rut or self-imposed mental prison? Author and Queen of Positivity Gala Darling shares how the emotional freedom technique (EFT) or tapping and radical self love will help you create the life of your dreams.
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Yoga + Radical Love with Rosie Acosta

Been thinking about trying yoga or meditation, but haven’t gotten around to it yet? Tune into this episode to hear renowned yoga teacher Rosie Acosta break down the hows and whys, and she also shares how both practices drastically transformed her life (and can change yours, too!)
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Feel Amazing Everyday with Sarah Anne Stewart

Want to feel amazing everyday? It starts with the thoughts in your head. Join in on my convo with Sarah Anne Stewart as we talk mindfulness, meditation, and most importantly, making peace with your body, no matter what it looks like (or society tells you it should look like).
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How to make and nourish friendships

How to Make & Nourish Friendships

Are friendships the medicine you’re missing? We talk so much about food, exercise, and meditation, but strong friendships are just as vital to our health and happiness. 
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what is the best diet?

Is there such a thing as the best diet?

What is the best diet? Well, it depends who is asking the question. Listen to the latest Happier & Healthier podcast episode in which I explain why there isn’t a one-size fits all diet, how to use food as medicine to heal, and how to use information from your microbiome to optimize your diet. 
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Salmon with Mango Salsa

Wild Salmon with Mango Salsa

This delicious wild salmon with mango salsa is a go-to in my kitchen. Ready in under 15 minutes, it’s perfect for a weeknight, despite the fact it’s fancy enough for a dinner party.
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