• Clear up acne naturally
  • Reduce redness and bumps
  • Prevent new acne from forming
  • Naturally lighten acne scarring
  • Get clear, glowing skin
  • Start to see results in as little as 3 days

Anti-Acne 12-Week Program & Meal Plan


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What You Get

EatBEAUTY 12-Week Program

Discover what foods and lifestyle aspects trigger your acne and which foods reverse it. Learn how to choose the best, most effective natural beauty products and makeup that support clear, glowing skin. (80 pages)

Acne-Reversing Recipes & Meal Plan

Skin is an organ, so it only makes sense what you eat will have a huge effect over the health of your skin. The recipes and meal plans were specifically designed to eliminate common acne triggers while increasing foods that reduce redness and bumps, and prevent new lesions from forming. (over 50 recipes!)

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Success Stories

My own success story beating acne is what inspired me to create EatBEAUTY. I am surprised I was even able to find these photos, because I used to avoid them, especially if my face wasn’t covered in makeup. These were taken on my “good days”. I tried nearly every over the counter acne product, many prescription creams, and visited multiple dermatologists. After years of crying in the mirror, a nervous breakdown in the bathroom, getting burned by a prescription retinoid cream, and turning down Accutane (because of the side effect of “severe depression that could lead to suicide”), the only thing that finally cleared up my skin was changing my diet and switching to gentle natural skincare products that weren’t designed to obliterate the bacteria on my skin or chemically peel off the top layer. I was so profoundly shocked at the transformation (you can see I lost about 20 pounds, too!), that I ended up changing career paths to study nutrition. I’ve since made it my mission to help others clear up their skin and improve their health by improving their eating habits.

Maria Marlowe
I developed acne when I was 12. I tried every topical ointment under the sun from retin-A to Clinique to Proactiv and nothing helped. I’ve seen several dermatologists. Again nothing they prescribed helped. I had already decided if the eatBEAUTY program didn’t work for me I was going to try Accutane as a last ditch effort (I’m so glad I didn’t have to take that step). I honestly never thought I would get rid of my acne and I’m so happy that this system worked so well! Thank you again for what you do! It’s such a relief to feel comfortable in my own skin! I’m able to go to work with nothing but my SPF on, I never thought in a million years I would have the confidence to do that! 
Candice C.


DIET IS KEY! I began to see amazing changes, before the program was even over. Inflammation and redness is way down, less breakouts, and my skin is finally clearing up! I’m sticking with this way of eating, for life!

Katherine P.

“I love the EatBeauty program, my skin improved a lot, and the best part is I have more confidence in myself going out without makeup on. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. You have inspired me to choose a new lifestyle.”
Sara Z.


I’ve seen my face clear up! My face is smooth and doesn’t break out like it used to.

Kristen N.


I had tried pretty much every Western medicine under the sun for my acne, and nothing worked until I met Maria, and she led me through a rigorous food detox that finally cleared up and helped me feel confident in my skin! I am truly amazed at food’s ability to heal the body and mind.

Bonnie Wright | Actress / Director

Begin to see results in as little as 3 days. Maria has helped hundreds of women clear up their acne, naturally.
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