Release Physical Pain By Releasing Emotional Pain


Release Physical Pain By Releasing Emotional Pain

Ever feel like you need a good tune up? You probably do! Our aches, pains, and physical injuries could be triggered by more than something physical. Anela Lineham, co-founder of the Human Garage, shares how trauma and emotions get locked in our fascia (connective tissue) which could lead to posture issues, pain, and more. I share my transformative experience at the Human Garage and she explains why the variety of therapies they use to release fascia and emotions were able to dramatically improve my posture and eliminate my back pain.

Anela Lineham

Anela Lineham

Co-Founder of Human Garage

Anela Lineham is the Co-Founder of Human Garage with her Husband Garry. She is an Intuitive Women’s Health Expert and a Motion & Breathwork Master with a focus on the biochemical, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a woman’s wellbeing. The Human Garage is a magical place. Since going, I've raved about it to anyone who will listen. I walked in with chronic back pain (which I thought was caused by stepping off a curb wrong) and with uneven posture, and I walked out pain-free and standing much more upright then I usually do. (I tend to push my hips forward and lean to the side.) According to Human Garage, they provide " a holistic approach to bodywork that releases unhealthy pressure from your fascia, realigns your entire body, and facilitates pain-free movement and peak performance — so you can move like you were designed to move." I recount my experience on the podcast, and I've included my before and after photos, below.


Maria Marlowe: [00:00:34] Welcome back to the Happier and Healthier podcast. Today’s guest is Anela Lineham, who is a co-founder of Human Garage with her husband, Gary. And if you live in L.A., you need to run, not walk to the human garage. This place is amazing. And I’m going to share a little bit more about my experience and what it is. But first, let me introduce you to Anela. She is an intuitive women’s health expert and an expert in motion and breath work. She has a focus on the biochemical, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a woman’s well-being. So a very. She takes a very holistic approach. And that is why I’m so happy to have her on the show today.

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Maria Marlowe: [00:02:46] Anela, thanks so much for being here.

Anela Lineham: [00:02:48] Thank you, Maria. It’s a great pleasure to be on your podcast and I’m so grateful for you and for your podcast. And also the awareness that you’re bringing to young women and everyone who is called to listen to your messages. So I’m so happy. And, you know, we live in a really amazing times, interesting times where we’re awakening and asking questions. And I think this is something that keeps us soul excited and so grateful. Thank you for being here.

Maria Marlowe: [00:03:17] Well, thank you. That was a nice little response. So let’s start with what the human garage is and how it came to be.

Anela Lineham: [00:03:29] Yes. Well, there’s a lot of, let’s say, synchronicities that played a role in even, you know, coming to exist as an organization or a place where we use many modalities for healing. But it started first with myself, I think many, many years ago when I was a little child. I was a gymnast and a dancer. And I remember just constantly dreaming about, you know, how I’m going to wait. You know, I’m going to help the world through movement. And the world is going to be healed through just movement and exercise and dress and dance. But I was maybe 6 years old when I used to have, you know, wake up in the middle of the night and just drive myself insane. But always there was this little voice saying, wait a minute. Who do you think you are that you’re going to change the world through movement and bringing awareness? Because I also lived in a small town in a far away country, Bosnia. And that it’s almost like, you know, dreaming about coming to America was almost a fairy tale. But I just also want to mention that the power of manifestation and connection and early awaken spiritual awakening kind of helped me to realize these things and also fast-forward many decades.

Anela Lineham: [00:04:51] When I arrived to L.A., it was just that calling when I received. It has to happen that I need to move from New York to L.A. and that I’m going to meet my future husband. We’re going to we’re going to start this business together, because I didn’t even realize how through all my life I start getting broken more and more and more. Even though I was working out, I was doing yoga daily. I was spiritually aware and conscious, but something wasn’t working. So when I turned 40, that’s when everything starts to break inside of my body. And it came to the point where I couldn’t really figured out what’s going on. I relied on my strength. I relied on movement. And then I just one day I woke up. My vision was foggy. My body was a key. I just wasn’t as strong as I used to be. And I just I realized that was my second wake up call, I guess, when I said Oh Lord, What’s going on? And I start praying. And I said I said to myself, I need somebody. I need to bring healer into my life, somebody who’s going to help me put me back together again. And that’s actually when I meta synchronicity happened that I manifested Gary to come into my life. And I remember the first time when I met him, he was working for a different organization and with a different healing modality.

Anela Lineham: [00:06:09] And I remember the first time when he put me on the table, I had a feeling that was the first time that I really, truly relaxed and that I really was able to let go and be open to receive. At that moment, all kinds of things start coming up and happening. And one thing led to another that synchronicity in the universe kept bringing us together. You know, when you keep running into a person in a weird places and you’re like, oh, my gosh, look, what a coincidence that I run into you here. And everything was pointing being that we needed to be together. Everything was pointing. That we had a mission together, as a matter of fact. So in the desire to heal ourselves, human garage was born and we didn’t have biological children between us. But we do have a human garage. It came out as well as a desire. I mean, there was a seed along those waiting to be born. You know, maybe like 30 years ago. And it was just waiting for the right moment to blossom. And then, you know, here we are in L.A. and doing what we love to do.

Maria Marlowe: [00:07:17] Well, I’m so glad that you birthed the Human Garage. And I’m sure it was even harder than a real baby. But, so let’s talk a little bit. What exactly goes on at the human garage? I know when you explain it on the website, you explain it as a holistic approach to body work that releases unhealthy pressure from your fascia, realigns your entire body and facilitates pain free movement and peak performance so you can move like you were designed to move. So let’s unpack that a little bit. First of all, maybe we start with the fashion. What is fascia? And let’s go back to the movement. Why is movement and having this full range of movements so important for our health and happiness, our life?

Anela Lineham: [00:08:03] Well, you know, I believe that this physical body that we’re live right now is meant to move. And it’s a beautiful masterpiece and a beautiful creation that needs elements to be functional in this in this universe. Movement is number one. Movement is life. And if we don’t have a movement, the decay will be triggered and it’s happening. Depression sets in. And all the negative emotions. So when we move, we move this life force that’s within us. And fascia is the network. It’s the network. All these nerves, the communication and the fascia happens so rapidly that I’m not even sure if we can measure it, if we have a way to measure the speed of connection. I mean, it’s going to be a next I think in the next couple of decades and probably each year that we’re gonna be spending more time learning about fascia. Just just in the last four years, we hear more and more people using the word fascia. Ten years ago, no one really talked about it. It wasn’t even mention we know about, you know, the nerve endings, meridians, chakras. But right now, fascia is really a crucial part because fascia is created of the crystal. So with fascia, importance is also hydration. It’s movement, proper alignment. So if the alignment is not in a balance, then there’s a destruction of the electrical signals, bio-mechanical connections. So there are all kinds of different things that happening in the body. And then the product is, you know, maybe aches and pains in the body if it’s not addressed, if we don’t know what’s happening. So it’s really important to understand, too, that trauma gets stuck in a fascia.

Anela Lineham: [00:09:48] So when we experience fears and phobias and physical trauma, emotional trauma, where do you think they go? They would stick. They would still if it’s not released and it’s. Consciously released, they would stay logged in the fascia and from time to time, you know, when we have clients on the table, we would work on certain parts of the body and then they would just start to cry or remember certain memories because that was related to that trauma that just got locked in the fascia. And that trauma could be its blockage in truly like expressing life force that needs to move through the body movement is life. And every time there’s a blockage, there is a disease. So that’s really kind of like the way we’re looking at the body and bringing awareness to people to start really being present and start in questions and people that come to garage. You know, you have to have a specific calling and you have to be ready to start the process and journey because, you know, digging deep into your fascia use, you may have some uncomfortable emotions and feelings and things may come up that needs to be addressed. And a lot of a lot of people, they’re just not ready. You know, it could be that it’s too scary. It’s too too much to deal at the time. But eventually we have to deal with it. If it’s this lifetime or next lifetime, that 10 lifetimes ahead of us, but eventually everything has to be dealt with and addressed.

Maria Marlowe: [00:11:17] Right. And I think, you know, I’m someone who has been guilty of this in the past is that my way of fixing things was to change my diet or to exercise. And that was really the extent of it. Like very early on. And the more I learned, the more I realized that a healthy diet and exercise are really not enough. And that’s why I think The Human Garage is so effective, because it is dealing with emotions and trauma, but it’s doing it in a very different way, because if you tell most people, OK, how are you going to deal with your emotions? Maybe you’ll talk about it or go see someone. Right. But you’re not necessarily thinking, OK, let’s push on this pressure point in your thigh or the roof of your mouth to deal with it. So going back to the fascia, so fascia is this band of like connective tissue underneath your skin. And this is a place that I think most people I know that I hadn’t really heard of fascia until really earlier this year. So I will say now that I learned about it a bit from you, I’m seeing it here and there popping up a little bit, but still, I don’t feel like there’s widespread knowledge on it. But so anyway, fascia holds emotions and and trauma. And so one thing that I was really amazed at when I was there was that I did. I started crying during the treatment. And I was like what is going on here. And so, yeah, it’s all just one. You know, we’ll talk about all the different things. But one thing Gary did was he stuck a glove on and he stuck his finger and the roof of my mouth and pressed really hard for two minutes. And it was very painful. I have a very high pain threshold. It was very painful. And I started crying. And this was like such a great emotional release. So what was going on there?

Anela Lineham: [00:13:07] You know, those deep places, trauma likes places, deep, dark places to lodge itself. And so just think about, you know, emotions as entities day do want to live. Everything that is conscious of life, wants to live even in emotions and viruses and bacteria. And, you know, everything has a life force to some degree. Emotions. And I’m not sure actually it’s if I’ve heard that people talk and I’m just receiving like messages as I’m sharing with you. Emotions are entities that want to live. So the deep emotions going to hide in the dark. His deepest place in this body kind of like thinking about deep inside of your mouth. I know every single person that experience the same. I personally can speak about my experience when that was done to me. I remember you know, I remember myself being a little girl and almost being stuck in the place that I couldn’t get out and just almost feeling kind of like not being able to defend myself that this all. You know, there’s many different emotions coming from that place deep inside and fears you cannot control those tears. Right. They just keep coming by themselves and they want to express it. And it’s a it’s a relief. And it’s this feeling of histology or, you know, grief comes in just because we’re letting go something that has been within us for so long.

Anela Lineham: [00:14:31] So it’s a really interesting like we can just talk about, you know, those emotions and ability to, like, cause joy, happiness or create pain and suffering in our lives. So it’s a really important that we’re I always say that we’re aware and conscious that once we get on this journey, we’re going to start opening many, many doors of the past. And sometimes. I also believe that, you know, we bring in past life traumas and genetic traumas that has been through generations. And it’s just being. It’s going to be expressed through us in some degree. So as a simple you know, we’re also complicated when we kind of like start digging and taking layers off and trying to understand our existence and how we function in this world.

Maria Marlowe: [00:15:20] Yeah, it’s really, really, really wild how the body works and how everything is connected. I think very often, especially the western way of looking at the world, is to compartmentalize everything. And, you know, your your hand is separate from your arm is separate from your torso. Right. But it’s really it’s actually like they’re all connected. And when something happens, somewhere in your body is going to have to chain reaction. Exactly. So in terms of posture, I know you guys also work a lot and posture. And that was something that I saw an immediate difference. The before and after which I’m going to share the photos on my Instagram share on I’m on my Website as well with my posture that I saw just before the session and literally right after the session, it completely changed. So why is posture so important and how, you know, how are we or why are we getting into this habit of having bad posture?

Anela Lineham: [00:16:18] Such a wonderful question. So many things are part of, you know, like why our posture is changing and what’s happening. I would say many, many causes for that. First of all, we don’t move. We don’t walk as much as we’re designed to. Most of us, though, would get up, especially here in L.A. Wake up, get in your car, drive to work, sit. Maybe you go to the gym for an hour or so, but that’s it. That’s not really what we’re designed to do. The second thing is like sitting causes a lot of, you know, like shutting down on a diaphragm, breathing. Deep breath is not received in that sense. So there’s all kinds of little functions that start to shut down. Another thing, too, is chemical intrusion, heavy, heavy chemical intrusion. Right now, to be conscious of just what’s going inside of our body or on our body is huge. So those are just couple of things that we can say in a lot. And this is what really is causing all these issues. You know what? We deal a lot with people is auto immune disease. So when you are in pain, what do we tend to do? We tend to kind of like bring our shoulders now, you know, hunch more, get into a let’s keep getting caught up in the closed, closed position. So being open is when we’re fully in our body, when we’re fully aware, when we are full of joy and happiness. And, you know, hydration is proper, cellular levels are great. Everything is working in optimal. But right now, we live in a really… EMF is another one that influence, you know, alignment. So there’s many, many different levels that are just constantly bombarding our electromagnetic fields. Yeah, that’s kind of what I see as, you know, influence and alignment.

Maria Marlowe: [00:18:15] Yeah. And you bring up an interesting point when you’re talking about the shoulders like hunching over a little bit. And when we see someone whose shoulders are hunched over, that’s a signal to us that maybe they’re not as confident or a little shy or a little bit closed off. And it’s so interesting. I’ve spoken about this before. Tony Robbins is a proponent of our physiology changes, our psychology. So if we’re in that position, it’s not only telling society we feel a certain way, but it’s actually telling ourselves to feel this way. Right. And it’s that same idea with I think it’s Ann Curry and her TED talk where when we do the power pose, when we put our shoulders back and put our arms either up in the air in a V or on our hips like Wonder Woman, it actually makes us feel more confident, even though we didn’t change anything but our posture and our position.

Anela Lineham: [00:19:08] Yes. Yes. I’m so excited because this is really my passion in life is kind of educate people and bringing more and more awareness to it. I would say just simplicity is divinity. And it doesn’t have to be it doesn’t have to be complicated. The mind is what makes things complicated. But if we would just be aware of posture from time to time, we will have to adjust ourselves. You know, when we’re sitting down. But we have to be present and aware. How do we adjust your shoulders? Opening some people naturally, because a lot’s, you know, hard life, a hard work, trauma, pain, suffering. They can just kind of tend to kind of go within and start closing the shoulders, which, you know. So to me, it would be, you know, closed hard or afraid to open your heart. That’s another thing.

Anela Lineham: [00:19:56] But what I love and I observe. Well, when they walk, you know, when you see someone who is confident they exude that confidence. When they walk into a place, they have a smile on their face. And in my yoga classes, I always say, you know, if you can do anything else, just put a smile on your face, even if you don’t feel like it. Just putting a smile on your face, you’re sending signals to your body that I am okay. I am, you know, like signaling those cells and communications happening on the fashion level. Everything has become more vital and excited and joyful and happy. So that’s you know, even if we’re in a slight pain or discomfort, one thing we can do that is really simple is put a smile on our face. And that’s one thing that I keep practicing, is first thing in the morning, the first meditation is smile, even if it doesn’t feel like at the moment I would just smile and I would go to the mirror and look at myself and the smile.

Anela Lineham: [00:20:56] And funny enough, when you smile, you right away pull your shoulders back. Right away. The body starts aligning. You can feel a little cracking and things like that. That’s what you can do practically for yourself. But if you’re really looking into like digging deeper into like, why is this happening to me? And that’s the freedom in asking questions. And the freedom comes when we start facing ourselves. The hardest thing to do in this life is really face yourself. It’s not facing your, you know, your parents or your teachers or your boyfriend and husbands or your partners. But it’s truly facing yourselves. So once you have comfortable to start like saying, hey, I am okay to get to know you a little bit better. Those will start opening up and you’re going to find practitioners and modalities. There’s not one modality that helps all. And that’s why human garage, we utilize many different modalities that when someone comes in, maybe the first thing they need to do is work on the emotional to open them up so that they can release physically faster and better. So that’s the many, many levels to actually what we do with Human Garage.

Maria Marlowe: [00:22:03] Yeah. So just in my own experience there, we did work a lot on posture. And it was so interesting to me because something that I’ve been working on for a while is that I found when I whenever I would stand, I would kind of tilt my pelvis forward and lean back a little bit, because whenever I’m doing public speaking like that, I like what I would see and I would just do it unconsciously, like I had no idea. For me, that was my set point. That was just how I stood. And at Human Garage, I was like walking and Gary was adjusting. And then I’d walk again and then he’d adjust again and keep doing it. And now afterwards, I’m literally standing up straight, which is amazing. And now my set point is actually standing up straight. And I don’t have that propensity to lean forward, which I had before, you know, and he was just talking also about how this makes such sense. When your body is not aligned, your organs inside are not aligned and they might not be functioning properly. So anyone, for example, with digestive issues, think about your posture is is the way that you’re sitting or the way that you’re standing even affecting that and your other organs. So it’s just really fascinating.

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Maria Marlowe: [00:25:29] So let’s talk about some of the modalities you mentioned, what are some of the modalities that you use at Human Garage?

Anela Lineham: [00:25:34] Well, what we’re using is the physical alignments. We’ve gone deep into like a almost point pressure and releasing the body. And we have done that for probably a couple of years now. And we have realized, too, is that we won’t address large mass of people a group, because it’s necessary. Right now, the times are coming that it’s going to be so many people more aware and needing help. So what we’re planning to do really is to go more into educational part and sharing all the different modalities that we have used in that are helpful in combination, which could be acupuncture, acupressure, specific breath work that I do, different workout routines with different alignments. So spiritual work for me, that’s where I come in. Actually, that’s where I understand, you know, the spiritual aspect of it. So every practitioner of Human Garage is really, you know, finds their own passion.

Anela Lineham: [00:26:33] Gary is very into physical. He has ability to see the unseen and kind of like as you experience Maria, he knows where to go in your body to release that tension and bring it up and kind of guide you through the process. The next level truly is also working in the nervous system. So what we have learned is that right now people are dealing a lot with their nervous system disorders. That’s something that when you go to the doctors, they can truly help you. I mean, they can put you on medications, but that really is not a long term. So right now, I’m practicing modality that’s called zero point, which means that no matter where you are in life, when you come to that conclusion and decision, that enough is enough. And I need to make some changes in my life and I don’t need to be a victim of life and circumstances and pain and suffering and repeating, you know, trauma. Obviously, I need to look into myself. So I recommend starting with a zero point therapy, which kind of like moves you into almost the state of zero state of nothing from that state. You can invite and create your new life, because when we talk about healing, it’s really hard, Maria, to go from. You know, there’s so many different modalities like we have to go back to the zero point, because from zero point it’s almost like, OK, this is my zero point. From this point, I’m going to start brand new without judgment, without having baggage that I have carried through my life. This is my choice. This is my decision. From today on, I’m going to move into my new life. But we have to come to that zero point. So that’s a new therapy that I start practicing. And it’s been it’s really like mind-blowing in combination with physical work that we do. So just being physical, it may take you short distance. And if we don’t address all the issues with nutrition and diet and spiritual practice and really taking responsibility, I don’t think it’s that effective. It’s very complex. So we have to you know, we have to create the community and support system. And that’s what we really like. We’re looking you know, we’re constantly looking in improving here at Human Garage.

Maria Marlowe: [00:28:49] Right. Yeah. The physical can only take you so far. And I think the mental part and the mindset is really one of the most important components, because that’s going to dictate if you keep up with the physical. And so much more. So can you talk a little bit about the mindset shifts that you find? What do you see in terms of I’m sure you have tons of young women coming to you. Where are they and where do they need to go in terms of mindset?

Anela Lineham: [00:29:16] Oh, I love this question. This is something that I’m extremely passionate about because in past two years, what we had seen young women as young as twenty six, that coming with auto immune disease, full blown auto immune disease. And it’s pretty intense because you see, even when you go to the Western medicine doctors, they cannot help you. We have seen examples and examples and examples of young women coming in and they just seeking for help. And it’s so painful to watch what’s been happening, because once you go to the doctor, they give you medications that would give you a side effect if you come with one issue. You end up leading with 10 other issues and it becomes a vicious, vicious cycle. So, again, you know, I’m calling because I said you have to go to the zero point. Finally, we have to surrender. And also we have to create a safe place for people to start healing and especially young women. So we see more young women now than men suffering from auto immune disease. There are many reasons, I would say. First of all, is heavy chemical intrusion on the body for women. Just think about, you know, how much beauty products we’re using like silicone implants, injectables. You know, putting stuff on the nails. Hygiene products that we are just directly inserting into the bloodstream when we have our periods. It’s a really massive and complex situation what’s happening right now. And I believe that we we need to start addressing that as soon as possible. Like collectively, it’s a big issue. And I don’t know. Some people are talking about it, but we need to talk about it so much more. It’s a war. Actually, it is happening. And it’s a no epidemic. It’s a pandemic. That’s how big this issue is. And that’s one of the things that I I’m really passionate about, you know, guiding and helping women.

Anela Lineham: [00:30:50] Yes, there’s a physical aspect to it. There’s space, specific diets, bringing awareness, but also addressing the mental space. So what happened is, you know, there’s so much of us that is human. But then also the bigger part, what’s living in this physical body, viruses, bacterias, yeast. So we’re living in this organism, which we call human body. And sometimes how would you know? It’s difficult to say this is me and this is my virus talking. So many times you know, when someone has full-blown, let’s say Epstein-Barr virus, virus is controlling the mind. So I know a lot of people that they have changed personalities during the episode of increased virus load. So even some friends you just don’t know. For example, that virus likes to feed on fear and it creates. And so it what it’s going to do is it’s going to create a situation that you’re going to be fearful or you’re going to be angry. It likes the virus itself, like these negative emotions. So this is where I would say importance of really connecting to the nature being present as much as possible. You know, I think through breath, exercise is really like what brings those into prisons.

Anela Lineham: [00:32:36] The second thing is hydration is is super important. What we need to exist in this human body is breath, hydration and food. Those three things we need just to exist in a physical body. And then on top of that, you know, how do we deal with these these emotions? When I personally this I had in the past here deal with tremendous amount of fear. That’s something that I came into this world and that’s something that I couldn’t and didn’t want addressed for many, many years. But finally last year my dad passed away and one of my biggest fears was losing someone that I love. And that’s that triggered and open the door for my self-healing. Actually, just going into dug deep fear and digging and working and becoming friends with it. And let me tell you that it was the most liberating experience that I ever have. And so on the other side, you know, when you kind of work with that and you face it, other emotions will come up. Guilt. I didn’t even realize I had guilt. I didn’t even realize that I had shame. I didn’t realize that I had because fear was the most dominant emotions that was living in my body. So, yeah, those emotions are super, super important. And being able to address them. I think it’s the key to healing.

Maria Marlowe: [00:34:01] Yeah. Wow. I mean, just know just hearing your story and hearing you speak about these things. I think sometimes we forget that everyone goes through down periods. Everyone goes through fear. Everyone has these negative emotions. Because what we see on Instagram is everyone’s smiling and everyone having a great time. And so in the moment when you’re experiencing these episodes of fear, these negative emotions, what are some of the techniques you turn to? Is it smiling? Is it the breath work? What are some of the things like in the moment that help you get out of that perfect question?

Anela Lineham: [00:34:37] What I like to do with my clients and simplify and making it super practical because, you know, I say we don’t have much time these days. Everybody’s busy, everybody’s constantly running and constantly I find myself always on the go. And so how do you find time for yourself and self-love? Like you said, the morning is probably the best practice when you wake up, first of all, is just like acknowledge that you are in your body. And then a smile to me is unspoken gratitude. And with that right away, you are changing your frequency. You’re changing your biochemistry. And then what I would suggest is probably just to get some simple breath work. I tell people do three minutes a day, don’t even worry about it. Just start with the simple things I would do. A breath of fire for one minute and then I would do some kind of stretching. And what also helps me is creating a space in my house where I know there’s my yoga mat, there’s my bolster. I’m going to just you know, this is a place where I just go in for three minutes and I ask my body. I think it’s important also to develop this language and kind of like communication with your body.

Anela Lineham: [00:35:51] We live in the body. And I ask my body, okay, what do you need today? Oh, I forgot to say to is I would definitely drink two glasses of water on empty stomach first thing in the morning. First thing in the morning. Guess in some days. Not every day. Some days, maybe twice a week I would do a lemon like a hot water with lemon twice a week. I would do that. But I make sure that I hydrate consciously. I get those two glasses in and then I would go to the bathroom and that would kind of create just movement through my body. And then what would happen is when we sit down to do the breath work, we’re moving all those like toxins that are stuck on assembly level and also up into blood. Particular breath I go is breath of fire, which is a rapid breath. It’s just you can do cannon breath, which is through the mouth and you can also do just a regular one when you close your mouth through your nose. And what it does also you’re pumping your navel, which means it stimulates all the nerve endings in your belly lymph nodes that are located underneath the diaphragm.

Anela Lineham: [00:36:53] So you’re connecting to your productiveness, sex organs, activating all the chakra in your activating Parana and the life force, which just three minutes of your day, you can also put in like some kind of stretch. You know, some days you can practice one stretch for maybe a week and then see how that goes. So I’m playing with my mind. You know, my mind is super active. So I had to keep myself always challenged. So if, you know, I like to practice different stretches throughout the day, but that kind of satisfies me first thing in the morning, even if it’s like altogether from waking up to drinking water, going to the restroom, practicing breath, that’s all can be like less than 10 minutes to 6 six minutes and you’re kind of ready and set to go. And also what I like to do is to do conscious walks, maybe like after work, just to go for a 30 minute walk around the block. If you live by the beach, connecting to the nature is must. I don’t know and I don’t understand how anyone can exist in this world and society without connecting to the nature.

Maria Marlowe: [00:38:01] I agree. Yeah. Like in New York, I tell people like I wouldn’t be able to live in New York if it wasn’t for Central Park. Yes. And I know everyone makes fun of me for like living uptown. And I like, you know, everyone’s like, oh, you got to live below 14th Street. I’m like, no, way jose. I used to live in close proximity so I can go to the park daily. I’ll even take sometimes I’ll take work calls and things just walking through the park because it just calms me down in a way that nothing else really can.

Anela Lineham: [00:38:31] Oh, yes, yeah. I would love to invite people and I am so happy and I’m ready to work with anyone who is interested to get deeper into practice because there’s so many different levels. And I totally understand living in the big cities. I live in New York for twenty one years and I worked in Upper East Side 90 second and Madison and Central Park was my rescue. So there’s so much more electricity that’s created when you live in the big city. First of all, like you just feel like you’re constantly buzzing. It’s that buzzing energy, especially in New York from, you know, people now 5G is getting installed. Yet there’s so much stuff going on that I remember that when I lived in New York, I was feeling this tremendous amount of electrical energy charged in my body. And I didn’t know what to do because I was kind of freaking out. I was like, OK, maybe something is seriously wrong with me. So just one example that I. The energy was so strong that I decided that maybe I’m going to run to emergency room. But as I’m putting my sneakers on, I just hear this voice inside of me saying, we can help you. They don’t know what to do with you.

Anela Lineham: [00:39:40] And then the same voice was telling me, put on those sneakers, run to the park. I live in Astoria, run to Astoria park. And it was kind of raining, but I had no choice. I just went for it 30 minutes. And what I did is I just took my shoes off and I did. I went down into downward facing dog and I felt an electrical discharge was going through my body into the earth. And for maybe like a couple of minutes when it was done, I knew it was done. And I’d just sit there peacefully and I was like, oh, my gosh, what just happened? But I did that intuitively because I didn’t have any other way to like figuring out what was happening to me. So the body has intelligence building in us as long as we’re able to hear it and listen. And that’s why I’m inviting all the listeners to really kind of like open themselves up and either seek for practitioners and ask anybody to, like, really communicate with them, because there’s so much beauty inside of these bodies that I don’t think we have tapped into it. Like maybe it’s only 1 percent that what we are using right now.

Maria Marlowe: [00:40:50] And I think another issue is that for many of us, it’s hard to listen to our intuition because we don’t know if it’s our intuition or it’s our little you know, that little devil on the shoulder telling us, yeah, like let’s eat pizza and Snickers and, you know, sit on the couch and do nothing. I deserve it kind of thing, you know? So sometimes I think it’s hard for us. We’re so bombarded with all of these other messages from outside and we’re so not in touch with our body lot. It becomes hard to really discern what you know, what our intuition is.

Anela Lineham: [00:41:22] Oh, yes. I’m getting chills right now as you’re saying that, because so the little devils and little voices that are they kind of not true or good. Those are really those viruses, bacterias, yeast, everything. The ones that I mentioned earlier, these entities that want to want to live, invent, you know, heavy metals toxicity, that’s all wants to live. And it’s been initiated more with E.M.F. Now, influence of E.M.F. So this is why I always tell clients and friends and people that I work with. And my message is truly like. Go super, super clean. Make sure that you limit if you can do anything else, stop getting rid of all the toxins out of your life from your beauty products. Start eliminating, it doesn’t happen overnight. Those voices are gonna start. You’re going to hear less and less of those devilish voices, but more and more of those positive ones that are going to guide you because it’s a constant battle and constant war within us, because there’s a human and this is like a, you know, divine force within each one of us. And also there’s something that’s heavy and bringing us down. So when we eat pizza and drink, you know, soda and get so much sugar in this body. Of course, the emotions gonna be like, sit on the couch, do nothing. Feed me, feed me, feed me.

Anela Lineham: [00:42:45] But that’s why here comes, you know, the practices and importance of going in the nature and why we have to go back to that zero point. We have to break the cycle. We have to call it that. I am the boss here and I am behind the steering wheel now. I’m taking charge. So it’s super important as a lot of times it’s not easy. But as long as I have a voice and say I help me, help me, someone will come to your rescue. Trust me on this. And I’ve experienced it myself. It could be a friend. Could be a strange. It could be a book. Could be a podcast. It could be anything. But as long as even we’re conscious enough just to say. I need help. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. And at the same time, you’re going to start building community and support system, which is super important area community is not necessary.

Maria Marlowe: [00:43:39] Yeah, I love that. And I love the idea of just asking for help. And even if it’s just in your head, just asking for help. You’d be amazed at what happened. So I have to share the story because it’s so crazy. So yesterday I was heading downtown on the subway and I was like in a little bit of a funk and like a little bit of a bad mood. Right. My probably like Epstein-Barr virus and mould than all the stuff, is like triggering things. And I’m sitting on the train and it’s only like a 10 minute ride and I’m like, I’m on Instagram and all of a sudden someone’s trying to air drop me a photo. And, you know, this happens like very, you know, once in a while. Right. But it was a meme. It was like some meme with some like Buddha Yoda thing. And it’s like my body sometimes feels sore, but it works. I don’t sleep well some nights, but I do wake up. My wallet is not full, but my stomach is. I don’t have all I want, but I have all I will ever need. Life is not perfect, but it’s mine. So some I know it’s so crazy. So I’m like, I know. I was like, okay, this is so weird. I didn’t accept it, though, because I’m like, all right, this is weird. I just like I took a photo of it, but I declined it. And then he sent me another one, same guy. And it’s like you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first. All, it gives me chills. You know, it was I started looking around and like, I mean, I don’t know, I didn’t see anyone. Like, I don’t know. It was just the weirdest thing. But I was like, wow, that’s pretty cool. If this guy’s like just going around the subway, like airdropping people like these positive words of encouragement.

Anela Lineham: [00:45:07] But I believe angels, you know, I believe that many, many angels in a human form. And sometimes the ones that we least expect and they’re the quite ones that you don’t expect, they’re not gonna be loud, but they’re going to drop message like that. That’s gonna make total sense and change your whole day. And it’s almost, you know, when we were kind of lost in the space and time, it brings you back to that zero point and you’re like, well, wait a minute. Yes, thank you.

Maria Marlowe: [00:45:35] All right. You’re like, thanks for bringing me back to reality. So one last question I’d love to ask. I feel like I could talk to you forever, actually. One last question. If you can share or leave our listeners with just one tip or piece of advice to live a happier and healthier life. What would that be?

Anela Lineham: [00:45:56] Work on judgment. Start realizing and recognizing where you’re being judgmental. The first thing is I just quickly want to share a story with you, because when my dad passed away last year, it was sudden and it was a shocking I had to fly to Bosnia and face, you know, all the trauma that I left behind. So in my meditation, actually, he came to me and share. He airdropped it to me and he said to me, this is, you know, what only message I have for you for this last lifetime is removed judgment, remove judgment from yourself and remove judgment from everyone else. I have to admit, in the past, yes, I was judgmental. Everything. First of all, I was judgmental about myself. When you look at yourself in a mirror, all this should be this way. The hair should be that way. Blah, blah, blah. You know, constantly judging. And then you go outside to look at this person. Look at this driver. How is you know. So it’s a constant, constant judgment. And what for the past year I start practicing not being judgmental and read some magical things happen. It’s didn’t happen overnight. You know things. You’re still human. You’re still going to be triggered. But more I practice that myself of not being judgmental. More beauty I start seeing in the light.

Anela Lineham: [00:47:15] And there was a time when I just walked around and everything was so beautiful and I just was like a like a tourist coming into this life, you know, like walking around with my phone and taking pictures of flowers, taking picture of the sun and taking pictures of everything that was beautiful. So then I start bringing more of that beauty and the beast to start bringing more joy into my life. And that joy also just developing more into faith and faith into a whole. And all of a sudden I start healing my Epstein-Barr. I start healing my own depression. I start healing my own anxiety. I settle feeling all those feelings are not good enough. And all of a sudden I find myself in the most neutral space. So I say to people, I don’t need you to be good. I don’t need you to be bad. Just be just be in this neutral space. And that’s the alignment and that’s the balance. And that’s why, you know, Buddha talks about it and yogic practice. And we’re all you know, everything is about that neutral state. And it seems so hard to achieve. But my path to it is removing and being conscious of the judgements and also taking full responsibility of every. That happens to me.

Anela Lineham: [00:48:28] It wasn’t him that did it to me. You know, it wasn’t. That hurt me. It wasn’t them that, you know, said this about me. It was all me. And once I took that responsibility of like looking everyone, a man in the past that have hurt me. It wasn’t. And then it was me that had created it. And just last month, I had this amazing realization in one of my meditations that as I’m sitting, I start seeing myself. You know, sitting in this prison and this prison was the prison that I built by myself. And I saw that. And I put these prison guards right outside of this prison. I see myself sitting in this pretty prison and sitting and sitting. And then there was a moment in this vision that I realized, wait a minute, I had the key. I had this key in my pocket all along. I walk through the door of the prison cell. I opened the door and I took myself out of this prison. That was the most amazing realizations that I had ever had. Ever since that moment, my life has changed so much. And still, these are just a simple little things that I share that are helping me to kind of like live through this life and the time as well – being nonjudgemental.

Maria Marlowe: [00:49:42] Being nonjudgmental and taking radical responsibility for our life and our actions. Thank you so much. This has been so insightful. I’ve learned a ton. I’m so inspired by this. I’m sure the listeners are, too.

Maria Marlowe: [00:50:00] If anyone’s interested in learning more about Human Garage, you can head to And is there anywhere else people should look for you?

Anela Lineham: [00:50:08] Sure. Instagram and @anela_anael. And also, you know, I would be more than happy to help anyone with anything, even just to get to that zero point from where we can create whole new life. Please reach out and Maria thank you so much. This was so amazing. I am so grateful and feeling so blessed.

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