Become Your Badass Self


Become Your Badass Self

Tired of feeling discouraged and in a rut? It’s time to boost self-confidence and learn to become your badass self. This week on the Happier & Healthier Podcast, I sit down with psychologist, Dr. Lauren Hazzouri, to break down society’s BS and figure out how to truly be yourself.

Boost Your Self Confidence Episode Highlights

  • 1:30 | Dr. Lauren explains her unconventional approach to psychology which includes movement, music, chanting, and anything but gray slacks and a couch.
  • 3:09 | How ditching the conventional “psychologist” persona and bringing more of “Lauren” into her practice allowed her to more powerfully connect and help girls and women
  • 4:30 | As girls and women, we have a lot of “supposed to’s” based on society’s standards and pressures, such as with our career path or relationships, but in order to thrive, we need to filter out the “supposed to’s” and stay true to ourself, and do what feels right for us, not society.
  • 5:24 | Lauren shares how to figure out and be your actual self (not society’s version of you, based on social norms which do strongly affect how you feel, think, and behave).
  • 7:29 | How society’s idea of “the perfect girl/woman” or the “good girl” is killing your confidence and how to take it back
  • 10:14 | Where your value truly comes from (hint: it’s not your career, your body, or your relationship status)
  • 12:29 | Why breaking social norms is a *practice* – something we have to continually work towards and that takes consistent, regular, daily attention and action
  • 15:07 | Why are female leaders still not taken seriously?! Why are women less likely to stand up as leaders? What can we do about it?
  • 19:46 | How do you boost your self-confidence and self-esteem?
  • 24:26 | How to battle indecisiveness + tap into your intuition
  • 27:06 | Why we need to face our fears embrace being uncomfortable
  • 28:15 | How do “alpha women” date?
  • 31:24 | How the patriarchy is shifting
  • 32:47 | Self-love: how do we stop negative self-talk and start truly loving and respecting ourselves?
  • 36:32 | How to deal with Instagram and social media insecurities and the comparison game
  • 41:24 | Lauren explains “The Practice,” and how she is reducing the stigma around getting help for mental health through these interactive group sessions
  • 43:59 | Lauren’s number one piece of advice to be happier & healthier

KEY QUOTESDr. Lauren Hazzouri | Happier & Healthier Podcast

Dr. Lauren Hazzouri | Happier & Healthier Podcast

how to boost self-confidence

how to boost self-confidence

Dr. Lauren Hazzouri

Dr. Lauren Hazzouri

Psychologist & Founder of The Practice

Dr. Lauren Hazzouri is a licensed psychologist and founder of The Practice, a group event and community of women in relentless pursuit of self. She's a stylish, witty, badass girl boss making the world a better place by helping women and girls stand in their power and become the highest version of themselves. Through her life experience and training, Lauren’s developed a curriculum that allows women to live meaningful lives and feel fulfilled doing it.

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