How to Choose a Health Coach Certification


How to Choose a Health Coach Certification

Are you thinking about becoming a health coach? If so, check out this episode on health coaching. You’ll learn how to choose a health coach certification program and turn your education into a full-time career.

Episode Highlights

  • What is a Health Coach? A health coach is a nutrition professional trained in holistic nutrition and habit change. They don’t just tell their clients what to eat or do, but rather coach them to make better decisions, no matter what situation they’re in. A health coach helps his or her clients get to the root of their issues, educates them on their choices, and ultimately provides a concrete plan and strategy to improve their clients eating and lifestyle habits. No matter what your obstacle (not enough time, on a budget, don’t know how to cook, don’t like healthy food, addicted to sugar, etc.) a health coach will help you jump over those hurdles with ease.
  • How is a Health Coach unique compared to other nutrition professionals, like RDs?
  • Why we need more health coaches now more than ever. In America, and globally, we’re facing a health crisis of epic proportions. In the US, 1-in-2 men and 1-in-3 women will get cancer at some point in their lifetime, and nearly 70% of the population is overweight of obese according the US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control. Our diet and lifestyle are largely to blame. People need help figuring out what to eat and how to feed their families.
  • Why more and more doctors are hiring health coaches. Doctors see the value in health coaches as a wellness professional that can help their patients reach their health goals, such as losing weight or preventing chronic illness and disease through a healthier diet. More doctors are hiring health coaches on staff or referring out to one, to guide their patients in between visits.
  • How to earn a full time income as a health coach. With the right plan and strategy, you can earn 6-figures as a health coach.
  • How to choose a health coach certification program. There are many health coach training programs, but not all of them are sufficient. When choosing a health coach certification program you want to compare the caliber of teachers, the length of the program, the curriculum (does it teach nutrition, coaching, AND business?), how long the program has been in existence, do they have any outside financial ties or conflicts of interest, and what their graduates are doing.
  • My experience at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and why I believe it’s the best health coach training program out there. As an Ambassador of the school, I mentor new health coaches. To be added to my free mentorship group, when you call to enroll, ask to add “Maria Marlowe as my ambassador referral” and you’ll automatically be entered into the group.
  • What to expect as a student and how to ensure you finish at the top of your class, ready to launch a 6-figure business (and no, you don’t need to quit your job…I share my tips for doing the program and starting your business while working full time…which is how I started)
  • How to save on tuition at IIN with my Integrative Nutrition discount. Be sure to tell your admissions advisor to “add Maria Marlowe as my ambassador referral and use her discount”. Email me and let me know if you enroll, so I can ensure you get the maximum discount and be added to my mentorship program.
Maria Marlowe

Maria Marlowe

Founder Healthy by Marlowe

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