How much does IIN cost? Plus Integrative Nutrition discount

Ok, so you’ve read my story of why I have one of the best jobs on Earth as a Health Coach. 

Now you’re probably wondering how much does Integrative Nutrition cost? At this point, I bet you realize how transformative the program can be on your overall health, and now want to make sure it won’t come at the expense of your financial health! 

The best way to find  to current cost of the program is to contact an adimissions counselor. 

I can tell you the program currently includes:

  • 1 year core program nutrition + business foundation program
  • 2nd year advanced business training program
  • a website
  • credits towards a masters degree with Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • and a whole lot more (check their website for full details) 

Integrative Nutrition is affordable compared to other programs, and in my opinion, the teachings, experience, and becoming a part of their community have been priceless for me. I literally get to wake up every day and do what I love, and get paid for it! All the while truly helping people and making the world a healthier place.

If the IIN tuition is the only thing holding you back, keep these things in mind:

1-It’s possible to make your tuition back within the first few months of coaching. 

2- Tuition breaks are available. As an Ambassador of the school, I am able to offer a significant discount to new students. Simply mention you were referred by Maria Marlowe when you enroll or drop me a line. Integrative Nutrition Discount: MariaMarlowe

3- IIN offers payment plans, so you can spread out the cost over the year.   

Honestly, the education is what you make of it. 

As a Health Coach, you guide clients towards healthier eating and lifestyle habits, step-by-step. While there are a number of progressive doctors, insurance agencies, and workplace wellness programs that employ Health Coaches, many coaches elect to strike out on their own (like me!) That means, you are not only a Health Coach, but an entrepreneur. Keep that in mind. 

If your goal is to work in a clinical setting, this program is better as a complementary addition to an RD program. The reason I suggest it as a complementary course, instead of one or the other? 

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) is the organization that sets the curriculum for and certifies RD’s.

Their biggest and most loyal (12 years) sponsor is the National Cattlemen’s Association. Con Agra Foods, Kelloggs, General Mills, and The National Dairy Council are not far behind in their support. The AND has approved Registered Dietitians to take continuing education courses from Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Kraft Foods and Nestle. For more information on the AND and their sponsors, please see this report.

In short, while their curriculum does include more rigorous clinical components, the nutrition guidelines taught appear to be biased, and many respected doctors, scientists, researchers, and organizations, including Harvard University, have spoken out against these USDA guidelines currently taught in RD programs.

Keep in mind that health coaches are not ordering blood work, diagnosing, or treating specific health conditions. Health Coaches work with their clients, many times in tandem with their client’s doctor, to educate, implement lifestyle changes, and build healthy habits. 

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