Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas


You’re going to want to give…and receive…these healthy holiday gifts!

Holiday Gift Ideas for a Glam Girl

Hourglass Cosmetics Holiday 2017 Limited Edition Refillable Lip Stick Set

OBSESSED with this brand of non-toxic yet lux makeup. They are not completely natural and organic, but they got rid of the most toxic ingredients…and they work and look incredible. The lipstick applicator is tres chic, and I always feel so fancy pulling it out of my purse. I also love that they cut down on waste by allowing you to refill the applicator – or even swap colors in and out as you please. [$54]

Get it here.

Herbivore Botanicals Gift Set 

This line of organic and natural skincare is becoming a cult favorite. This set includes the Lapis Facial Oil, Bamboo Charcoal Deep Cleanse Detoxifying Soap Bar, and Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner. It works wonders for calming and detoxifying your skin. [$85]

Get it here.

Agate Coasters

Any coffee table looks better with these gorgeous agate coasters. [$80]

Get them here.

Deborah Lippmann Lady in Red Nail Polish Set

Non-toxic nail polish in 6 gorgeous shades of red. This vegan set is great for making a bold and sophisticated statement. [$36]

Get it here.

Element Candles

These candles smell divine, and have an innovative flat cherry wood wick which burns cleaner and longer. (No soot). I usually have one of these burning on my desk. [$36+]

Get them here.

Holiday Gift Ideas for a Yoga Girl

Crystal Growing Experiment Kit

For the crystal-obsessed, this crystal growing kit is quite cool and a fun way to make your own home decor. [$20]

Get it here.

Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat

For a traveling yogi who doesn’t have space for a rolled up mat. [$25]

Get it here on

Spiritual Gangster Duffel Bag

The perfect bag to go from the farmer’s market to yoga class and everything in between. [$68]

Get it here.

Pacifica Wanderlust Set

Pacifica is a vegan/cruelty-free natural beauty brand and has a range of makeup, perfume, and skincare. This pretty set includes body butter, lip tint, and roll-on perfume, and it comes in several different scents. [$18]

Get the Tuscan Blood Orange set here.

Pratima Love Oil

I’ve received and given this beautiful, fragrant oil on many occasions. Made with organic ingredients without any artificial colors, scents, or GMOs. It smells wonderful and truly rejuvenates and hydrates your skin. {$38]

Get it here.

Essential Oil Set

Essential oils can work wonders for your health, and each one has different benefits. You can mix and match a customized set of oils. Some of my faves include Tea Tree ($6), Rosemary ($4.50), Peppermint ($5.27), Rosehip ($5.50), and Lemon ($4.19).

Yoga Towel and Holder

The perfect accessory for any yoga guru or enthusiast. This yoga towel from Gaiam has great grip and is ideal for traveling with or without a mat. [$30]

Get it here.

Stocking Stuffer: Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant

Ordinarily it may seem offensive to gift someone deodorant, but your yoga gal pal won’t be offended by Primally Pure’s natural charcoal deodorant. The packaging itself is nice enough to leave on you vanity, and it’s a natural deodorant that actually works. It contains organic and fair-trade ingredients that feel great on your skin. [$14]

Get it here.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Man

Most of these came directly from my man, so they are legit.

So Well Himalayan Salt Light with Dimmer

A fair-trade salt crystal lamp that looks beautiful and is a natural air purifier. It adds nice ambiance and jazzes up a bachelor pad (I’m getting this for myself!). [$24]

Get it here on

Gaiam Stay-Put Yoga Towel

I don’t know about yours, but my man sweats profusely during yoga (to be fair, I do too!) This towel is great for sweaty and intense workouts because it absorbs twice as much as cotton and dries very quickly. It fits any standard mat and stays in place, so you can twist and turn without worrying about slipping – it’ll make yoga mat workouts so much easier. [$20]

Get it here on

Warrior Long Sleeve Thermal

Make your man feel like the warrior he is with this long sleeve thermal. Great for a hike or morning run, or just for a chilly day. [$88]

Get it here.

 Beats or Bose Athletic Earbuds

These sweat-resistant earbuds will stay in place during a workout, and they’re sleek and comfortable for everyday use too. [$70+]

Get the Beats earbuds here and the Bose earbuds here.

Garmin Fenix 5 Watch

This is the most expensive item on the list, and is naturally, the top of my man’s wish list. This chic smart watch tracks just about every activity, and looks sharp both on and off the track. [$590+]

Get it here.

 Nike iD Custom Sneakers

My man has expensive taste and suggested Nike’s new self-lacing running shoes as a gift. Seeing as those will set you back nearly a grand, I think customized Nike iD sneakers make a better choice. You can choose from a variety of popular sneakers, then customize the colors and personalize them with initials or a short message on the tongue. [$170]

Get them here.

Barneys New York Passport Case

Help him dress up his passport with this sleek leather case. [$78]

Get it here.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Jetsetter Pal

Complexion Mist + Lip Balm + Beauty Cream from Primally Pure

Traveling can take a toll on your skin – luckily Primally Pure’s natural products can help keep skin hydrated and refreshed for long flights and high altitudes. The Hydrating Complexion Mist ($18), Lip Balm ($4), and Beauty Cream ($32) make a great little travel kit (I don’t get on a flight without them!).

Sakara Snack Bag for the Plane

Airplane snacks are notoriously unhealthy, so put together a delicious and nutritious snack bag full of goodies from Sakara.

Stuff a cute tote with Sakara’s Nori Chips ($9), Chocolate Probiotics ($30), and a pretty water bottle for a healthy and travel-friendly gift.

Primally Pure Almond Vanilla Body Butter

Flying usually dehydrates your body, sometimes making your skin dull and dry. This body butter makes you smell like vanilla frosting and is made with organic ingredients that moisturize and nourish jet-lagged skin. [$28]

Get it here.

Henri Bendel Chic & Chilly Eye Mask

This designer eye mask will make economy feel like first-class. The gel pack can be put in the freezer to make the mask feel cold and refreshing – great for long flights or busy days. [$28]

Barneys New York Passport Case

This leather case is perfect for protecting a passport and making it look absolutely chic. [$78]

Get it here.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Recent Grad

The Real Food Grocery Guide

Leaving the nest can be intimidating, especially when it comes to buying groceries. Give this book to the new grad to help them navigate how to buy, store, and prepare the healthiest groceries without breaking the bank. [$22]

Get it here for 32% off (Less than $15).

Primally Pure Starter Kit

This kit is the perfect way to ease into using natural personal care and beauty products. It has some of Primally Pure’s best products, including their body butter, deodorant, everything spray and lip balms. [$48]

Get it here.

Tarte Cosmetics Limited Edition Pout Pleasures Lip Set

Tarte’s vegan and eco-friendly lipsticks feel great and look absolutely incredible. [$42]

Get it here.

Honest Beauty Nothing But Lips Kit

A pretty kit of natural and paraben-free lip crayons, guaranteed to make lips pop with color. [$25]

Get it here.

Misen Knife + Cutting Board + Cook Book

Help a recent grad upgrade from instant noodles and takeout with a high-quality kitchen knife and cutting board. Throw in a delicious cookbook, too.

I’m partial to a Misen knife [$60+] and a bamboo cutting board [$20]. The Good Clean Food cookbook [$17.50] is also a great cookbook with easy recipes.

A Return to Love by Marianna Williamson

This book is a true life-changer. Williamson talks about how practicing love and finding your inner peace can truly change your life. This isn’t some hippie woo-woo stuff – it’s realistic, it’s honest, and it’s perfect for people who are still learning who they are and what they’re going to do with their life. [$11]

Get it here.


The EatBEAUTY guide comes with a 12-week meal plan and tons of recipes to help clear up your skin and prevent future breakouts. Even if your recent grad doesn’t have acne problems, EatBEAUTY is great to improve your overall health and learn how to meal prep. [$49]

Get it here.

No matter who you are buying for this holiday season, here are some of the top healthy holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Healthy Cook

The Real Food Grocery Guide

Give your chef the gift of fresh, affordable food. The Real Food Grocery Guide is full of tips on how to select and store produce, grains, legumes, animal products, and processed foods – a must-have for every kitchen. [$22]

Get it here for 32% off (Less than $15).

Himalayan Salt Block

Himalayan salt (aka pink salt) is already nutritious to begin with, but preparing and cooking your foods with a Himalayan salt block adds so much flavor. Plus, it’s easy to clean and makes for pretty decor. [$35]

Get it here.

Matcha Mug & Whisk + Organic Matcha

Matcha is a staple for any tea lover. Having some high-quality matcha powder in the kitchen is great, but this mug and whisk set makes preparing it more fun and delicious.

Get a pack of Navitas Matcha powder ($22) and this matcha starter set ($37) for a healthy tea party.

Misen Knife

Having a high-quality kitchen knife makes chopping and preparing food so much easier and efficient, and it’s a gift that your foodie friend is sure to use over and over again. [$65+]

Get it here.


This is a staple in my kitchen because veggies always seems to taste (and look) better when they’re spiralized. You can use it for zucchini pasta or sweet potato spaghetti – just about anything can be turned into noodles.

Get it here.

Le Creuset Dutch French Oven 

It’s hard to find good cast-iron cookware that doesn’t burn or dull and that lasts a while. Le Creuset has amazing cast-iron cookware, and this shallow Dutch French oven is lighter than most brands and stand high temperatures. It’s a bit expensive but will surely last a lifetime. [$140]

Get it here.

Marble Pastry Board

This marble pastry board will add elegance to any kitchen. It’s smooth and perfect for rolling dough and pastries or for setting out hors d’oeuvres at a dinner party. [$21]

Get it here.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Assistant

Pacifica Wanderlust Set

Pacifica has great vegan beauty products, and this gorgeously-packed kit includes a lip tint, body butter, and roll-on perfume. [$18]

Get the Tuscan Blood Orange set here.

Hu Kitchen Chocolate

Hu Kitchen is one of my favorite healthy chocolate brands because their chocolate is sweetened with coconut sugar and tastes incredible. They come in a variety of flavors and are all paleo and vegan.

They’re typically $7-$8 in stores, but you can get them for less than $6 at Thrive Market (you can use this link to get 20% off your first 3 orders!).

Ted Baker Notebook

This notebook is absolutely beautiful and has a chic set of sticky notes inside as well. It’s great for work and school, and there are multiple different covers and colors. [$21+]

Get it here.

Hanging Wall Planters

These wall planters are affordable and add a chic and minimalistic touch to any room. They’re also available as desk planters to add some greenery to the office space. [$25]

Get them here.

PHLUR Perfume Sampler

PHLUR is a cruelty-free perfume brand that’s all about quality fragrances for your skin and the environment. They come in high-quality bottles that are made from 20% recycled glass and preserve the perfume. You can customize and create a sample kit of three different sets to try out at home, and the cost of the kit goes towards your next full-sized purchase. [$18]

Choose your sample kit here.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Element Candle

These candles smell divine, and have an innovative flat cherry wood wick which burns cleaner and longer (No soot). I usually have one of these burning on my desk. [$36+]

Get it here.

Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish

This natural and paraben-free body scrub smells so good and feels amazing on skin. It’s great for hydration and exfoliation, making it the perfect pamper gift for your mom. [$36]

Get it here.

Tickets to a Broadway show

Going to a Broadway show is a great way to bond with your mom. Tickets may be pricey during the holidays, but enjoying a musical or comedy together is an unforgettable experience (and can be a fun holiday tradition!).

Primally Pure Blue Tansy Beauty Cream + Body Oil

I’ve already raved about Primally Pure products (especially their natural deodorant), so these are health coach approved. This beauty cream is made with only five ingredients and is perfect for calming the skin and reducing inflammation. The matching body oil is a blend of different essential oils that help heal and hydrate the skin.

Get the beauty cream ($40+) and the body oil ($46) as a chic pamper gift.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dad

Ninja Blender

Get your dad a high-quality blender for smoothies, soups, sauces, and just about anything else he could want to whip up. It’s not as fancy and pricey as a Vitamix, but it does its job and works really well. [$81]

Wild Salmon Sampler

If your dad is picky about his meat and fish, this wild salmon sampler is a real treat. It comes with three different types of salmon (all kosher and sustainably-harvested), an organic salmon marinade, and single-use grilling planks. If that doesn’t wow the grill and your dad, I don’t know what will. [$86]

Get it here.

Organic 100% Grass-fed Tenderloin Steak

While steak is a classic meat to grill, it’s not easy to find healthy and high-quality steak. Give your dad the gift of premium, grass-fed steak from organic cattle raised on family farms. [$27+]

Get it here.

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