Diary of a Health Coach August


I often get asked what my life looks like as a Health Coach, so each month, I’ll be dedicating a post to what my schedule actually looks like. Sometimes I pinch myself that I created such an interesting, inspiring, flexible life for myself.

August 2016 was a whirlwind month for me. Here were a few of the highlights:

The month started off on a low note…someone close to me whom I love and care about moved out of the country, for good! That left me sad, but I powered through.

Will miss you Kushie! This was one of our last dinners at my favorite restaurants in NYC: The Little Beet Table
Will miss you Kushie! This was one of our last dinners (with Liana Werner Gray, author of the Earth Diet) at my favorite restaurants in NYC: The Little Beet Table

The first couple weeks I focused on editing the manuscript for my forthcoming book, The Real Food Grocery Guide.

On Saturday, August 13th, I got to pitch Oprah about Juicero, the organic cold-press juicer that is currently taking the country by storm. (She loved it ūüôā )

Getting ready for one of the most exciting days ever ūüôÉ

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After I met Oprah, I went straight to the airport for a trip to Washington. I was feeling a bit run down, and wanted to get out of the city and relax in nature, so spent a few days outside of Seattle, by a waterfall.

From there, on Thursday August 18th, I flew straight to Boston, then drove up to Salem, MA, where I was shooting the photos for my forthcoming book the Real Food Grocery Guide. (umm OMG I can’t believe it is already on Amazon, and will be sold everywhere books are sold.)

Salem is such a cool and creepy town, and I loved it. I spent an extra day there to explore, before heading back to New York.

The end of the month, I went to the US Open a few days. I absolutely love that they finally have some healthy options, like Juice Press, which has been a sponsor for the last few years.

No longer have to sneak juice into the US Open now that @juicepress is here. ūüėČ

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A few fun articles that were published this month:

On PureWOW, I answered the question: Is Popcorn really Healthier than Pasta?¬†and my monthly column on Ivanka Trump’s site was all about Meal Planning.

And that just about wrapped up my month. For more on what I do as a Health Coach, check out this post.

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