Diary of a Health Coach: January


I often get asked what my life looks like since becoming a Health Coach, so each month, I dedicate a post to what my schedule actually looks like behind the scenes. January was filled with fun speaking engagements, but getting to hold a copy of my first book in my hand was a definite highlight!  Become a Health Coach _ MM

Extended Vacation

As mentioned in my December Diary post, I spent the holidays in Dubai and Bali, and didn’t get back to NY until January 8th. But when I did, it was pedal to the metal!


Holding My Book Baby for the First Time!

Soon after I arrived home, I received a package – a hard copy of my first book, The Real Food Grocery Guide! It was super exciting to see all my years (yes, years) of hard work in print! Because the book is a bit longer than initially planned for (I couldn’t help myself, so many good tips and facts to share!) the publishing date got moved to June 1st. If you have already pre-ordered it, just a heads up (oh, and I’m offering a pre-order bonus!)

Interview on ABC Radio

On January 15th, I was interviewed on the Complete Wellness show on WABC radio, by my friend Liana, who was subbing in for the host. We talked all things detoxing, and why it’s so important to think about detox as a lifestyle, versus a crash diet (meaning, you should be eating clean, using natural beauty products, and avoiding toxins year-round, instead of just 3 or 5 days a year!)

Maria Marlowe WABC

Detox Talk at Pop Physique

The following weekend, I shared my tips with a group of lovely ladies at the new Pop Physique in Bowery.


Sharing my Journey to Healthy Eating Story

TB to making beauty food smoothie bowls The reason I got into healthy eating in the first place, was because I had really bad acne that would not go away, no matter how many creams I tried, dermatologists I went to, or even prescriptions I took (I opted not to take accutane, even though it was prescribed). After much research, I discovered that for the vast majority of people, food and lifestyle hold the keys to clear skin. I changed my diet and my skin finally cleared up, and down the nutrition rabbit hole I went. Food affects EVERYTHING in your body. No matter what the ailment, there are likely dietary changes that can help it. If you are struggling with acne or other inflammatory skin conditions, check out mariamarlowe.com/eat-beauty and tag a friend who needs help clearing up their skin!

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Wellness Meetup

Later that week, I spoke to a group of 40 women (and a couple of guys 🙂 ) with Wellness Meetup about how to quit sugar. It was a huge success, and I got really great feedback after the event from participants who made some serious adjustments to their diet. It is so incredible that as health coaches, we have the ability to inspire and impact so many people to live healthier lives.

Become a Health Coach _ MM

In the Media

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The 7 Foods that Fight Stress on The Food Revolution Network

For more of what it is like to be a Health Coach, check out my diary for DecemberNovemberOctober, September, and August.

Want To Become A Health Coach?

Thinking about becoming a Health Coach? Or, already a health coach and don’t know where to start or ready to bring your business to the next level? Check out my intensive business bootcamp and mentorship program designed exclusively for Health Coaches. I teach you the exact strategies and steps I took to go from 0 clients, 0 followers, and 0 income to a thriving full-time health coaching business, tens of thousands of followers and a 6-figure income. Don’t hesitate to drop me a question here.

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