Spiritual Healing & The Earth Diet


Spiritual Healing & The Earth Diet

It’s no surprise that food affects our health – but there are countless non-food factors that influence our health as well, including our self-talk, spirituality, and habits. On this week’s episode of Happier & Healthier, I talk with my good friend and author of The Earth Diet, Liana Werner Gray about spiritual healing and The Earth Diet.

Spiritual Healing Episode Highlights

  • 1:55 | the doctor’s visit that changed Liana’s life (and her diet)
  • 3:52 | the inspiration behind The Earth Diet
  • 5:51 | the power of accountability and why its crucial if you want to start a healthy lifestyle or new endeavor
  • 7:00 | what is “The Earth Diet”?
  • 8:00 | what are non-food factors that affect our health?
  • 8:30 | the healing power of affirmations
  • 15:47 | good affirmations for starting a healthy lifestyle or losing weight
  • 16:40 | how to cut negative self-talk
  • 20:57 | the role that spirituality plays in healing
  • 24:13 | religion vs. spirituality
  • 29:21 | the supplement that Liana can’t live without
  • 27:45 | the best place to buy organic and healthy groceries and household products for the lowest price
Liana Werner Gray

Liana Werner Gray

Author of The Earth Diet

Liana Werner Gray is the author of Earth Diet and 10 min. After five years of eating processed foods and refined sugars for every single meal, she ended up in the hospital with some life-threatening illnesses. This wake-up call launched the idea of a blog she called “The Earth Diet” with a concept to eat only natural foods for 365 days. Liana found a way to still enjoy her favorite foods including brownies, cookie dough, burgers and fries, but in a healthier way. Her recipes have been featured on NBC, Fox News, News 12, WABC, and more. She has worked as an influencer and ambassador to some of the top brands in the industry including Nutiva, Vitamix and Vitacost.

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