Natural Skincare


Natural Skincare

Natural skincare is just as important as natural food. This week on the Happier & Healthier Podcast, Bethany McDaniel, the founder of Primally Pure organic skincare, shares why.

Natural Skincare Episode Highlights

  • Bethany explains the importance of natural skincare and how it helps reduce our toxic load.
  • The major misconceptions around natural products + why they’re wrong
  • The inspiration and meaning behind Primally Pure’s slogan, “nature is smarter than science”
  • How everything in nature works synergistically
  •  the non-vegan ingredients in Primally Pure’s Beauty Cream that may shock you…but Why you should give them a chance
  • The oil you never heard of that can help with stretch marks
  • Maria’s favorite Primally Pure product + how it’s improved her skin
  • Why you want to add blue tansy to your skincare regimen, stat!
  • Bethany’s explains her must-have Primally Pure product, the Everything Spray which contains magnesium (a nutrient many people are deficient in, and that can be absorbed through the skin).
  • How Bethany got the courage to ditch her writing career and start her company products she originally started making herself in her kitchen
Bethany McDaniel

Bethany McDaniel

Founder of Primally Pure

Bethany McDaniel created Primally Pure to share her love and passion for natural skincare with others. She was inspired to live a more natural, healthy lifestyle when her family started an organic farm in Southern California. She began making natural skincare products for friends and family until they nudged her to open her own company. Now, Primally Pure is a rapidly-growing natural skincare company that sells natural and vegan products including deodorants, body oils, dry shampoo, lip balms, and more.

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