Improve Your Microbiome & Gut Health


Improve Your Microbiome & Gut Health

To improve your microbiome and gut health, is to improve your overall health and life! This week on the Happier & Healthier Podcast, I’m interviewing, Jamie Morea, co-founder of Hyperbiotics about all things microbiome.

Episode Highlights

  • 5:30 | how a parasite infection prompted Jamie to co-found the company making the most effective probiotic on the market
  • 8:30 | the importance of lifestyle factors – diet, antibiotic usage, breastfeeding, etc – and how they can negatively effect our microbiome
  • 10:30 | how she took her knowledge and idea, and turned it into a real life product
  • 12:50 | why being an “outsider” allowed her to revolutionize the probiotic and supplement industry
  • 15:00 | what common habits or things can disrupt the digestive system or microbiome, that people don’t even realize. (diet, antibiotics + other medications, chlorinated water, cleaning supplies, candles, perfumes, personal care items, lack of exposure to nature, hand sanitizer and anti-microbial overuse, sleep, exercise, stress, etc.)
  •  19:40 | what are the main steps you can take to strengthen and support your microbiome?
  • 21:40 | beyond digestive health, what benefits does having a strong microbiome have? (sick less often, absorb more nutrients, better skin, less brain fog, more mental clarity, more stable emotions, better memory, a healthier weight)
  • 25:00 | importance of gut health for an expecting mom and children
  • 27:00 | the importance of vaginal swabbing for C-section born babies
  • 28:00 | how to avoid getting your kids on a vicious cycle of regular antibiotic use
  • 29:00 | how your efforts in utero shape the microbiome of your child as an adult
  • 31:30 | why the microbiome in your mouth is important, why you DON’T want to kill 99.9% of the bacteria in your mouth, and why putting the right bacteria in your mouth will actually make it fresher and smell better).
  • 35:00 | how Jamie conquered fear to turn her idea into a reality
  • 37:49 | how she manages to raise a kid and run a company at the same time while staying sane

Key Quotes and Ideas

Jamie Morea

Jamie Morea

Co-Founder Hyperbiotics

Jamie Morea is a gut health evangelist, mother, and the co-founder of Hyperbiotics. She turned her illness - a bad case of parasites - into the most effective probiotic on the market (It's the number one probiotic sold on Amazon, with six-thousand 5-and 4-star reviews!). In this interview we talk about the importance of the microbiome and gut health, and what you can do to keep yours in tip-top shape!

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