How Veggies Saved Her Life


How Veggies Saved Her Life

Social media sensation Kristina Bucaram, aka Fully Raw Kristina, chatshow eating more vegetables and fruit reversed her Type 2 diabetes, how to help your family get on board with healthy eating (when they resist), and why upgrading your diet improves your mental and emotional health in addition to physical health.

Episode Highlights

  • How illness – Type 2 diabetes – made her an advocate for eating more veggies and fruits. It took her about a year and a half to reverse her diabetes eating raw vegan, but within just 3 days, she already started seeing changes – as her migraines and fatigue went away, and she generally felt better.
  • Beyond physical healing, how upgrading her diet also improved her self love, emotional, and mental health. 
  • How to deal with family members who are skeptical about healthy eating or not onboard with you changing. You can’t be a prophet in your own home- don’t preach to your family – they will resist. Let them observe you’re positive changes and come to you with questions.
  • How do you eat healthy when you’re traveling or have a busy social life?
  • The importance of being authentic and sharing your light, knowledge, and passion, and the ripple effect it has on other – typically without your knowledge. 
  • How do you deal with bullying and gossip? While Kristina has over a million followers who love and adore her, she has her fair share of bullies who harass her online. She shares her tips for dealing with gossip, hate, and bullying.
  • Why silence is typically not the best way to deal with problems – and how communication can help you move forward with whatever is blocking you.
  • What’s in Kristina’s morning green juice. 
  • Her favorite VEGETABLES for the protein that no one realizes are a good source of protein. (Ideally, you’d be eating them every day.)
Kristina Carrillo Bucaram

Kristina Carrillo Bucaram

Founder of and Fully Raw App

YouTube celebrity and Raw Vegan chef Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram is the founder and creator of FullyRaw, and the Rawfully Organic co-op. She is a pioneer in the national and local, organic food co-operative movement and she is based in Houston, TX. She has been 100% raw for over 13 years and advocated for adding more raw and vegan meals to your diet at and her new The FullyRaw App. This app includes over 100 recipes, videos, and is the most comprehensive vegan app on the market.

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