How Emotions & Toxins are Messing with your Health (Despite a Healthy Diet)


How Emotions & Toxins are Messing with your Health (Despite a Healthy Diet)

Ever feel under the weather after a breakup, loss, or emotionally stressful time? It turns out that our emotions and thoughts have a significant impact on our immune system. As do environmental toxins, another invisible culprit that could be sabotaging your health, despite a healthy diet! I discuss both with naturopath Dr. Christian Gonzalez on the latest Happier & Healthier podcast episode.

Episode Highlights

  • Why Dr. Gonzalez pivoted from a traditional medical career path to become a naturopathic doctor
  • How Epstein Barr virus / mono can be reactivated as an adult and what to do about it
  • The number one natural immune-supporting herb to take if you’ve had a history of viruses or chronic infections
  • When and when not to take antibiotics, and how to heal your gut if you do have to take them
  • The relationship between emotional trauma and illness
  • The relationship between environmental toxins and illness
  • The role love and relationships play in health
Dr. Christian Gonzalez

Dr. Christian Gonzalez

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Gonzalez completed a two-year residency position at the competitive Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He earned his Bachelor of Science at Rutgers University, where he studied Environmental Business Economics. Although he had planned to pursue dentistry, he was drawn to Naturopathic Medicine and a holistic approach to patient care. He completed his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2014. He provides optimal patient care, by incorporating Naturopathic modalities, such as botanicals, homeopathy, nutrient and nutritional support as well as various other therapeutics. Doctor G integrates the latest understanding of Naturopathic therapeutics into all types of medical conditions. Dr. Gonzalez applies the belief that the body has an innate ability to heal itself when given favorable conditions to thrive.


Maria Marlowe: [00:00:34] Welcome back to the Happier and Healthier Podcast. You guys know that I’m a huge proponent of a healthy diet and I truly believe that food changes everything. But today, we’re going to focus on some of the non-food factors that are having a significant impact on your health. And you probably don’t even realize it. I’m talking about emotions and toxins. To discuss this topic, I brought in Naturopathic, doctor, Dr. Christian Gonzalez, who specializes in functional medicine and oncology. He believes the body has an innate ability to heal itself when given favorable conditions to thrive. So he’s going to share some of those favorable conditions with us today.

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Maria Marlowe: [00:02:13] Dr. Gonzalez, welcome to the show.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:02:15] Hi, how are you? Thank you for having me on. It’s a it’s a pleasure.

Maria Marlowe: [00:02:19] Of course. So as a naturopathic doctor, I’m curious what led you down this path? How did you become a naturopathic doctor or why?

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:02:29] Yeah. I mean, I tried to answer this question in so many different versions. And I think the truest version in the way that I can answer it is just that to see what naturopathic medicine can do for a person as a whole permanently is the most eye opening thing, because you and I both know how a paradigm is conventionally. And we have people who are coming into their doctor and they are being prescribed something to mask the symptoms. Right. And then going home. But that masking the symptoms kind of suppresses over time your body’s call saying, hey, please help me. And by doing it, it’s perpetuating disease. It’s just putting it under the rug, putting it under the rug. And when I was little, I thought I would get away with stuff when I clean my room and I would put stuff under the rug until it was seeping out of bed and my mom would yell at me every time. But that’s what happens. It seeps out and then we start seeing diseases manifest.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:03:27] So for me, what I saw was on my path to dental school. I wanted to be an orthodontist. I thought I’d be pretty cool. And then I learned about what naturopathic medicine was about a year and a half too late. But I was like in it. I was ready to be an orthodontist. And then out of nowhere, this tidal wave returned, which hits me. And it says, hey, this medicine that along with every part of your being, the fabric of who you are. What are you doing? So we’re at a crossroads, and I said about like following intuition is the most important thing you’re doing in life. And I felt palpably with that intuition suddenly pulled me out of there. And then eight years later, I was I’m here. But it was the most rewarding and best intuitive decision I’ve ever made. Because now what what I see is not only this, but my colleagues are so powerful in what we’re doing for people’s health and then extending this even past naturopathy, medicine, just what we’re doing as a whole as a community is beautiful for people, you know?

Maria Marlowe: [00:04:21] Yeah. It makes a huge difference. I first went to a naturopathic doctor last year and my first appointment, one of the biggest things that stood out to me was that she actually took an hour to talk to me about my history and what’s going on in my life, which is unheard of at a traditional M.D.I mean, you’re in and out in ten minutes flat. If you’re lucky, like maybe five. So I thought that was interesting. And then, of course, I love just the overall holistic approach where you’re looking at more than just the physical ailments and the symptoms, but really looking at the whole person and their life circumstances as well. So I’d love to talk about a few of these non-food factors that affect our health. And I saw on your Instagram, Dr. Gonzalez has a great Instagram and he’s always posting really interesting things and valuable information. But I saw that you had posted that you recently had your Epstein-Barr virus relapse and sells viruses or stealth infections, rather, with something that I talked about on the Dr. Jess podcast, which, if anyone has had a virus. Yeah. Or is it you know, self infection is definitely check out her episode. But I think that people don’t realize that if you had Epstein-Barr virus or mono as a kid you could it could actually relapse. So I’d love you to talk a little bit more about that. For someone who’s maybe had Epstein-Barr, what should they know?

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:05:41] Yeah. So it’s true when you’re a child of choosing not as symptomatic as you would be when you’re an adult. So I’m pretty sure I had it as a kid, but I really got hit with a tidal wave that is Epstein-Barr virus. Romano in my first year of medical and it’s horrible. It’s horrible. It’s debilitating because it hits your muscles and hits your joints. You have this chronic fatigue. I never felt anything like it, but I did remember coming home from class and I could do anything but lay on my couch with like these legs full of lead that was so hard to pick up. And I never forgot I wanted to go to bathroom ’cause I have to pee so bad, but I couldn’t even move my legs. I was so exhausted. I’m like, something is very, very wrong. so… So that sort of was my first experience about what I think medicine can do for things that usually a conventional doctor would just again put a Band-Aid on. So I healed from that. It took a while, but I healed from it. I knew immediately, as you know, we can easily be pulled left and right and do so many things that bite off all these chunks of things that we don’t have enough time for sort of my personality.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:06:47] So I’m like, yeah, I’ll fix overextend myself in every way. And I started wearing me down. So obviously my immune system started getting more and more crappy. I stayed with the good foods, but my new system was chipping away, chipped away and then rushed. I felt those symptoms again. And I remember I came back and I laid on my bed and I was like, I have to pee. And I was like, I can’t get up to pee right now. It’s like, oh, my God, this is Epstein Barr again. So I work with a doctor and I went to him and I said lets test. So, yeah, my tiders came up. They were high. So immediately we just did everything that we can. I did everything we can naturopathically and he has some. I know doctor Jess is so about ozone therapy. So I did it. I did three weeks of it.

Maria Marlowe: [00:07:29] And can you just explain for anyone who doesn’t know what it was ozone therapy is what that is.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:07:33] Yeah. So ozone therapy is this really cool intervention where basically in the most basic ways we’ll say sucking out your blood, injecting it with ozone, mixing it up and then re-establishing it in the body. But what that does is it that ozone, it acts as a occident in the body, but not an accident to the point where you’re thinking of a toxin in the body. It’s a small oxidant that tells the body to produce more antioxidants as well as kill all those bugs that are affecting you. I see personally ozone help people even with Lyme and Epstein-Barr or indolent infections. If you do it for three weeks every single day. It’s not cheap, but it’s helpful. It really is. So that was really cool to do that. So again, like Epstein-Barr virus is so complex because you can’t just take a top quality curve and be like, oh, it’s gonna be fine. It sort of pushes you to re-evaluate the way you’re how fast are going and you know what your life is about. Yeah. As with all disease that comes up.

Maria Marlowe: [00:08:34] Yeah. So it’s funny enough that this happened to you recently also. But it even happened to me. And I had no idea. I had no idea that the mono or that Epstein-Barr rise could really relapse again. And back in November, I was feeling super exhausted like that again. I was eating really healthy. I was eating all my greens and all the vegetables, all the colors. And I just had this crazy tiredness and fatigue. So I’d went to the naturopathic doctor. She’s like, you know, she knew from my health history, my extensive health history that I had had that in the past. Like, oh, let’s just test for it, see if it comes out. And sure enough, it came up as if it was re-activated. Yeah. So she’s like, you need to chill. You need to stop overextending yourself and rest. Take it easy and let you know. Let your body get back to normal, which it did. But yeah, I just thought it was really interesting. Like, I would have never thought that in a million years that could cause…

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:09:28] And people like us and our committee, we have knowledge. Right. About what we need to do and all the things. But yeah, it’s not always true. Like even us as practitioners will sacrifice sleep sometimes to get something done. We’ll sacrifice the gym, sometimes to get something done. I’m guilty of it. And again, you know, when I had it, when I was twenty five for twenty five, I’m not twenty four twenty five, you know, and it hit me way harder. So I think like you said, we just need to reevaluate where we’re at and why this came up. What’s happening with our immune system body, are we detoxing. All right.

Maria Marlowe: [00:09:59] I know you had lifted a couple of practices and things that you were doing like slowing down and a few other things. So if someone has any type of virus. What are some things that they could be doing to help get back to health?

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:10:11] Yeah. So there’s really good herbs out there at the most basic level, just starting really powerful herbs. We know that elderberry is as effective as many antivirals that we see out there conventionally. It’s gentle, tastes Pretty good and it’s effective. I recommend it to patients who are not allergic to berries, but that’s really important. There’s a lot of really good formulas out there. But the point is this like you have to make sure that you are getting a high quality herb or supplement because there is such a huge spectrum and no one is really regulating it when it comes to antivirals. It’s one of my favorite. I do like things, though. I like targeting a lot of the immune system. unstimulating. So medicinal mushrooms are really amazing at doing that because they’re sort of an indirect way of targeting those viruses by stimulating your natural killer cells. And those guys are just looking for those viruses to kill. I love saunas I love IR saunas. I am borderline about to get one for my apartment. Like any minute now we’re just trying to make it happen. But with our Astana, what that does is another way stimulating the immune system. We know it does that while detoxifying because if your body’s overburden, let’s say, heavy metals. Let’s say environmental pollutants. Well, what do you think your immune system is paying attention to as well? Right. It’s refocusing on getting rid of that crap as well as the virus. So we have to think more like is our immune system at. How can we give it more love rather than just like pointing virals, antivirals at a virus isn’t going comprehensive, right where holistic or holistic fashion as a whole. All right. I love those things. And the sun, the sun, the sun. The sun is not just for. It’s not just for your immune system. It’s for everything. You need to be out in the sun. You need to be outside. I mean, that’s my hippie side coming up. But it’s true. We know. So we know it both so much.

Maria Marlowe: [00:12:02] Yeah. And that’s an important point. We can’t just rely on the supplement or the pill that we just are so used to relying on. We also have to do things like rest. We also have to do things like sweat. Let’s say in the sauna and just do change some aspects of our lifestyle. Also, if we really want to get back to health our quickest…

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:12:20] It’s a pill for a no. That’s what that’s the way it happens. And, you know, I get messages on Instagram saying, hey, what can I take for this? I mean, we might as well practice eventually if that’s the case, right. It doesn’t work that way. It’s more like, why did this come? How do we address those root causes rather than just addressing the body’s way of talking to you, right?

Maria Marlowe: [00:12:39] Yeah. Yeah. So speaking of antivirals, one topic that has been really popular on the podcast has been got health. And I’ve been getting a lot of messages from people, also from clients. Even in my family, people who had an infection had to take an antibiotic. And then after the antibiotic feel like their bodies a little bit off, particularly their gut is off. So for someone who has to take an antibiotic, well, one. Are there any alternatives? And B, what can they do to repair or minimize damage to their gut health?

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:13:16] So antibiotics should only be taken in the most dire and emergent situations because here’s what you have. You have a colony like a city of all these bugs. Right. Or let’s personify to just a bunch of cool humans who are just living in harmony. And every single time we make the choice to take the antibiotic, there’s an indefinite amount of people that just get like that and they don’t come back. It’s over. You know, you’re not going to see your best friend, Jane, your best friend, Bob. If they’re part of that antibiotics, the our population is gone. So we have to keep in mind that every single time you take antibiotics, you have a finite amount of probiotic bacteria got. With that said, I’m not against antibiotics, right? If I have aggressive infection in my leg is going to follow me all the antibiotics in the world give me I.V. antibiotics given to me everywhere. But we have to keep in mind how to prevent anything such that we ever get to the point where we need antibiotics. With that said, it’s so important to give your gut microbiome health and. It’s hard to do that by just saying here is the best high quality probiotic, we’ll throw that at you. And you know what that is? You have a thriving city and you have a helicopter fly over and you just have like ten people come at the 11th helicopter and think that that’s going to change the city. Right. We need to do more. We need to feed this. We need to build resources and parks and and water parks and community centers. And we do that by making sure we’re getting prebiotic fibers, which is very important.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:14:46] As you know, you’re the food guru, giving these people in this business these resistant starches that are important at perpetuating the growth and thriving of this community and that keeps other microbes in check. So what I’m trying to say is doing a dietary first. Right. And then if you do experience a really bad infection, working with whatever it is. So say you have a bacterial infection that’s really cool, antibacterial. There’s some really cool immune stimulator. As I mentioned. But then repairing it is like you said, right. Like, if there’s a war going on, we want to build rebuild the buildings, rebuild the city so we can do that with really nice the most some herbs, first and foremost, those the most urgent help coat all the inflammation that’s going on in the gut. And then reworking the microbiome. So we do that by rebuilding the soil, giving good foods that are helping perpetuate the growth, keeping the other guys intact and then rebuilding the lining those epithelial cells, giving them the food that they need. Feel like glutamine. Right. That’s going to be an important nutrient that’s going to help rebuild it. So you can get all these foods. Nature has blessed us with all of these nutrients and foods. If we just pay attention to what we need for our body needs. Right. And thankful that we have people like you to guide us when we have this, how to rebuild, what do we do? How do we get this from food? And then people on our side where we’re going here. Let’s put you on a protocol to rebuild the gut too. Everyone has gut issues. Everyone.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:16:12] It’s hard. I’m sure you have clients like that. Yeah.

Maria Marlowe: [00:16:17] And I always recount this story because it always sticks in my head that early on I had a client. And in the beginning, I also I I’ll give them a questionnaire and ask them about their health and their history. And one of the questions I asked is, do you have any digestive issues? And this woman, she was like, no. And then I’m like, okay. And then like a little later on, I asked her about bloating and gas. And she’s like, yeah, I have it every day. I was like, oh, why didn’t you tell me you had digestive issues? And she’s like, oh, well, I just thought I was a gassy person. And I thought that was normal. I was like, no. Just because it happens every day doesn’t mean that it’s normal or, you know, just because you are constipated and you don’t go every day doesn’t mean that it’s normal or you’re constipated person. It just means whatever you’re eating or you’re doing is throwing your body off.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:17:04] You’d be shocked. There’s so many people were like, well, my mom was constipated. I mean, I go every three days. I’m like, that’s not good. You know, it’s so important, even hormonal perspective to be pooping every single day. Every one needs to be going every single day. Yeah. It’s hard enough to dump all that stuff away. You can’t just be holding it in your body because it gets absorbed in and those big issues. So you’re right. Like we have this consciousness now that, you know, even a slight gut dysfunction is normal. But it shouldn’t be our crutch to be thriving. We should feel good. We should have the last iron God I’ve ever heard someone have with my dad. Right. I’ve never heard of someone. I haven’t even got sense. But like that man can be anything but he feels good all the time. Right. Never complains about a stomach. That’s how we should be. We should all have iron guts. We should have that really thick mucosa that mirrors basically what our gut health looks like. But nowadays, I’m assuming if we go in with him with a endoscope or any scopes that we see that we’ll see really thin mucosa. And that’s a problem. Why there’s a lot of things that are affecting it outside of eating bugs, right. Like we are ingesting so many pesticides and there’s such poor regulation on that slash corruption. And what we know is this even those pesticides can make. I mean, I love plants, right. And there was a book that came out that villainize those plants because they have they have high oxygenates and high lecterns in this now. But we know that things like glyphosate can totally perpetuate but create a sensitivity to those things. So it’s like, do we have food sensitivities? Are we allergic to potatoes or are we allergic to the pesticides used the potatoes? Is our body just rebelling against the crap that’s been put in our food rather than the food itself? Because it’s driving people crazy now. They’re like, oh, now I can eat tomatoes. What are you talking about? Right.

Maria Marlowe: [00:18:47] Yeah. Yeah, I know. It’s fascinating. I actually just had on last week the food babe. So Vani Hari was on talking about glyphosate and different agricultural chemicals and how they’re messing with our health and how they’re just so rampant. And even something like life estate, which is traditionally sprayed on GMO crops, it’s now sprayed almost across the board, especially in grains and different dry uses, a drying agent even to like oatmeal.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:19:16] Right.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:19:16] Exactly. And even we. Yeah, yeah. That’s why a lot of people’s oatmeal doesn’t have gluten, but a lot of people have a sensitivity to it. And, you know, sometimes like, oh, it’s because it’s processed in a facility that has gluten, there’s cross-contamination. But others like I know actually it’s a reaction to the glyphosate that sprayed on it that’s causing the reaction.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:19:36] Yeah. And even though it does a lot of cross-contamination, because now there’s like organic companies that are found to have for sale when they’re rigorously testing for it. But it’s still coming in. And that’s because there’s cross-contamination from other farms. I talk about like I did a whole rant on it in my podcast because it’s something that I know I’ve been saying for ten years now, 10. Like I was one of the only parts of my school saying, like going to GMO rallies. And they were like, you’re crazy. You’re like a conspiracy theorist. But the fact of the matter is, is that now there’s more, more data coming out to show. And then when that company, Monsanto’s emails came out two years ago and they were being sued, these e-mails came as surface. You saw just how corrupt and how desperately they’re trying to suppress the real stuff that it does, basically showing that it causes many diseases. They’re desperately trying to hide it. And we saw it in their e-mails, but it’s still put out there.

Maria Marlowe: [00:20:27] Yeah. So how can we. So for anyone listening who wants to avoid glyphosate, what steps can they take?

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:20:33] Ok. So one of the most simple steps is choosing organic food. And if you’re not going to go fully organic, you can always follow the clean 15 and Dirty Dozen by the Environmental Working Group. You can literally type that in and see what foods need to be. The twelve foods you need to be organic. 15 that don’t need to be organic. That’s a good start. I personally just try to get everything organic as much as I can. That’s still not going to insure everything because there is, like I said, cross contamination. Right. There’s even an organic potato chips that they found glyphosate on. But it’s such a good step for you to do. I personally, almost everyone should get a glyphosate test with me. One hundred dollar test. That’s it. And we can see I registered for it at a small level, but every single one of my cancer patients has it over 50 percent. I haven’t seen the patient not have glyphosate over 50 percent to this day. And I tell the story like I have this. It’s actually active patient. We spoke with said a month ago and she has lymphoma and it’s associated with lymphoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:21:32] So she’s my age. I was like, it’s so crazy to see people so young. And I was talking to her. And usually when I ask people about environmental toxins, they don’t know. They’re like, I don’t know. Maybe I don’t. Some people, like I live by a farm. And maybe this girl, she was two years two summers ago preserving these wildflowers in some part of California. But she was given glyphosate to spray around the weeds with no protection, just backpacks and the spray guns. No protection. And like I say, did it cause your cancer? I can’t say that, but I can’t say that that’s a huge chunk of the pie because we already know what it does. That janitor, Mr. Johnson. He sued Monsanto for that and he won hundred, 280 million. I don’t know if he’s gonna see all of that, but still 280 million. That’s crazy. That says a lot about where we’re shifting about villainizing a company that, in my opinion, is poisoned us perpetually.

Maria Marlowe: [00:22:24] Yeah, no, it’s so scary. I just read the book whitewash. I don’t know if you’re familiar with it, but it’s all about how these agricultural chemical companies have made it appear as if their chemicals are totally benign and you don’t have to worry about them. You could spray them without suiting up. You know, but that many of these farmers are coming down with cancer, particularly lymphoma. So, yeah, it was just really a fascinating look at what’s going on and what they’re doing and how it’s not only affecting the farms that they’re spraying and on, but like you said, it blows over rated. You know, the farms don’t have walls. So it’s blowing into the water. It’s blowing into the neighbors, maybe organic farm and other places. So, yeah, it’s almost like we can’t escape it. Of course, there’s a lot of things that we can do to limit our exposure. And when you’re eating organically, you’re limiting it as much as humanly possible. But that it is it’s just persisting in our environment. That’s why it is so important for people to choose organic and to make choices that are going to, you know, force companies to go where consumers are putting their money.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:23:27] So that’s how you vote. Right. I’m telling you, any given day now, all of a sudden, you’re going to have all these big companies that were poisoning us 10 years ago go on organic. Let’s start making oil. And we see that already. Pepsi’s making organic stuff. Kraft is making an organic stuff. Everyone is getting in the game now. Why? Because we’re going with our dollar. Right.

Maria Marlowe: [00:23:48] So another thing I was mining, you know, mining your Instagram, a very different topic, ideas. And I came across a quote on there that I thought was really interesting that I’d love you to explain a little bit. So the quote was the organs weep, the tears, the eyes refused to shed by Sir William Osler. So what is the relationship between emotional trauma and illness?

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:24:13] I’m so happy you asked me this, because you know that, like, anytime we get the mind body emotional trauma, that. That’s so resonant with me. I love tieback like the but this stuff is like the real health because we can make changes in people’s health permanently. Once we get to the root. Right. And so much of disease has to do with where we stand with our connection with ourselves and an emotion and emotional trauma. There’s so many levels. And it’s it’s the worst in men, because then we have this exterior that goes, you know, we’re not supposed to weep anything or when I was a deal with these emotions. And it’s suppressed and it’s suppressed. And I say this because I’ve given the best supplemental protocols. I’ve put people on the best diet, the best lifestyle stuff, and they’re doing better. But something still sticking around. Well, they forgave their dad. They broke up with their boyfriend. They all these things that was holding them energetically. All that stuff that was holding that pain, that trauma, that low vibrational energy within them is released. And I kid you, not you. You see changes and even they look physically different. Right. They’re also they have a glow. Right. Because they’ve put themselves in an alignment. Right. A healthy alignment.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:25:26] Health in and permanent health is about real alignment with yourself, with others, with nature. So putting yourself in a healthy alignment, you can see. You and I will see. We can see people without that person that’s happy and healthy and glowing. Right. And that’s because that person is in alignment that they chase there to chase down their demons. So that quote is amazing. It’s by William Osler and he’s the one of the fathers of conventional medicine. Right. How ironic that that’s not even followed or it’s not even emphasized. But one of the fathers of conventional medicine is saying this. And it’s true, because if you’re not able to even identify your emotions, nonetheless, let them out, then where do they go? Do we put them under the rug? Right. And then our bodies are affected. So the organs that are affected. Right. You have something like stop. However, your constitution is in your susceptibilities. Digestive stuff. Right. You have heart issues. Right. Muscle joint. It doesn’t matter. But I’ve seen people get better just by addressing the deep, deep stuff that we don’t even want to think about. Right.

Maria Marlowe: [00:26:29] Yeah, I can definitely believe that is so true when you see someone that’s just so happy and just radiating happiness. They’re usually quite healthy. And even if they don’t eat a great diet, even if they’re smoking cigarettes and drinking and doing all this stuff, if they just have this happy predisposition and happy mindset, they’re usually in pretty good health and have nothing to complain about. But whereas even the ones where eating the kale and the broccoli and working out but are not happy in some way, there’s usually some physical ailments going on. Yeah.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:26:59] And as you get more and more in touch and pay attention, you can feel this. You can feel this from people. You can feel people. Who are in an alignment of true happiness and true health versus the ones who are trying to be in alignment versus the ones who are way off of it. Right. Yeah. And you can see, like you said, I see people eat the best diets on the best protocols and running miles every day and working out all the time. But they still holding on to something so deep and so painful. Right. And when you say that one trigger, it touches them so deeply that it’s over, you know, and they can have a cathartic episode for three days. They won’t leave their house. But guess what? They come out. And, you know, this is why it’s so important for us to pay so much attention to what is holding us back from greatness. Right. And by greatness, I mean how healthy yourself, mentally, physically, emotionally, business wise, creatively, what’s holding us back? Take some time and meditate and start going deep into that and figure out what is it, because we’ll never be able to find out if we’re on our phone or talking to people that we need that sound. We do that a long time to really reflect back to our childhood, back to our teenage years, back to our young adulthood and figure out why we are where we’re at.

Maria Marlowe: [00:28:09] Right. Yeah. Because I think a lot of people don’t even realize that they’re holding on to something. They don’t even realize that they have a sadness or it’s just an unhappiness, something. And it takes a little prodding, whether that’s from someone else or just through self-reflection to actually figure out what is going on.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:28:29] Yes. And like I said, men, we have no idea. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on. Right. But the truth of matters is that everyone has some traumas, you know, to what level it affects you. I don’t know. But why not pay attention to it? And at least that we make it a priority. The intention just having the attention starts unfolding, that reality for ourselves.

Maria Marlowe: [00:28:48] Yeah. And if someone wants to dig deeper into that, what do you think is the best way to start? Like maybe going to a certain practitioner?

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:28:58] Yeah, well, there’s different ways. I personally am biased towards the power of meditation because that’s changed my life. But it’s not just that I wake up and I’ve I’ve told patients this. Wake up immediately. Grab your journal and write, because what you’re doing is you’re in an AM by unbiased state. That conscious mind is and taking over where it’s giving you repetitive. Dialogue about yourself and others and you’re able to write really freely. Or you could just meditate and write regardless. Taking that time yourself starts bringing out deeper emotions. Another exercise that I just intuitively started doing is going back to parts of my life when I was a kid. So start when I was a kid, I was thinking about places I hung out. And then I started remembering some traumatic events that I didn’t even remember. Right. I was like, oh my God, I did get beat up by a bunch of kids. And I was like, 8 years old. Why? And then how did that affect me? Well, I learned that it affected my way of expressing myself through words and fashion and wherever it may be, because I got beat up for wearing a jean jacket that was very loud and flamboyant.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:29:57] But regardless, like this one, I tried to say I would’ve never known if I did go back to that time period in my life in those places. And most people, I’d go, oh, shit, that’s stuck with me. There’s something there. And then going back to high school. Oh, wait, that was kind of traumatic. I never even knew that stuff with me. By doing that work ourselves. Oh, my God. What happens is we start letting go and we start shifting our vibration to a new vibration. When we like all that stuff, all of a sudden our own true energy that I like when I talk about starts becoming more like. And we’re like, Oh! Feel better? And I’m starting to experience different things. Now a new vibration. So it’s one of the most beautiful practices. I don’t know. And then, look, therapy can be wonderful for people. Some people just even sit down and talk it out. But truly, that alone time is the most powerful thing you can ever do for your life.

Maria Marlowe: [00:30:47] Yeah, I love that. I always say that on this podcast that we need to do more self-reflection because I think we are always just so busy or any second that we have that we’re not doing something. We’re on our phone or checking Instagram and we just never have time to actually reflect on our day on ourselves anything and just giving yourself that quiet time to do that. You’d be amazed what actually pops into your head.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:31:11] Yeah. And make it a habit to take a chunk out every day. So in the morning, if you’re a busy, busy person, then take 30 minutes and morning, 30 minutes at night or an hour in the morning and that’s it. But carve out something. And even if you don’t have time, do it in the car. Turn it off and speak out. Things like ten things. You’re grateful for anything. How many of us don’t even pay attention that we’re grateful that we even woke up right. Or we’re even walking to the bathroom to brush our teeth because we’re on autopilot? All right. But like I said, that my position of gratitude pushes you in such an alignment. It can change your life, change your perspective, change your health. Right. Sure. Yeah. So make your own design, your own self reflection, time of affirmations. You can have gratitude and meditation. You can have yoga, just whatever it is to start exploring who you are. Right. Because we can’t do that when we’re on Instagram all day or just chatting and taking calls like I’m guilty of it, you know, but I still try to make time for myself. Yeah.

Maria Marlowe: [00:32:09] No. And when I started having a daily gratitude practice, I have to say that just shifted my day and my mood so, so much, because even if you just take a couple minutes to do it and just think about what you’re grateful for, because there’s so much to be grateful for, it really just starts you off in such a better fit for your day. So yeah, something I highly, highly recommend as well.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:32:31] I’ve never heard one person say gratitude practices were the worst idea and wasted time. Yeah. Everyone does. It is like that changed something in me. It’s so easy. Ten things.

Maria Marlowe: [00:32:42] Yeah. Well it just shifts your perspective. Right. And everything is perspective. So you know, if you want to see bad, you’ll see bad. If you want to see good you’ll see good and by immediately shifting your perspective. First thing in the morning to only search for the good, you’re kind of training yourself. Then throughout the day to search for the good. Yeah.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:33:00] And even physically you’ll retrain your neurons to start wiring that way. Looks like what Jodi Spencer talks about. You saying that, you know, the more you perpetuate this dialogue within yourself, the more your body just goes. All right. Let’s just form ourselves based on that. So do your wiring and firing your neurons just reflects the way you think. You can totally change your brain morphology by doing that. Crazy.

Maria Marlowe: [00:33:23] Yeah, it’s really amazing and fascinating. All the research around that. Mm hmm. So let’s talk love and relationship. Find out that’s the interest of yours. And how does that play a role in our health?

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:33:37] It plays such a role. I mean, if you’re submitting to be with someone, live with someone, marry someone, that can either be one of the best decisions or worst decisions of your life. Right. It has to be such a powerful one because that can be the number one source of stress. So the importance of identifying a person who is a true asset to who you are asset write not and this is one of the biggest trip ups in any relationship is when we start forming our identity based on someone else. By doing that, all of a sudden you guys on a break. You guys break up. Who am I? I don’t know who I am. You’re. Self is in turmoil. You’re falling apart. You’re going crazy and you’re desperately doing these things to try to regain who you are. But it’s so important to identify a partner who is inspiring and not to align with who you are. So I always tell people if you’re desperate to go out with someone or have someone in your life, first identify who you are in relation to yourself and others. Right. I do those do those practices and feel who you are. Let go of those traumas because universe is going to give you people who can trigger you so well to show you a mirror of who you are and those traumas that you need to let go. Shit, I’ve been through it so many times, right? I’m like, oh, I’m gonna villainize you because you’re showing me who I am or who I who I think I am.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:35:01] I’m gonna villainize you because you’re showing me all my traumas and scars. And we do that. We villainize the people and we go. It didn’t work out. She was just crazy. He was crazy when in fact, that person was such a blessing to our lives because they’ve given us this opportunity to heal the deepest part of us. And that is so important. And we need to take that. We need to take the people come into our lives with gratitude and knowing that they’re in our lives to show us such deep healing within us. Right. It’s that’s what I’m trying to say when you get into a loving relationship. Got to have love for yourself first. And I’m talking about true love. Right. You can’t look for voids. You can’t have voids. Look for those voids to be filled by someone else. He makes me happy. Shit, you should be happy already. You should add to your happiness, right? She completes me. I can’t hear that. Once you complete, she completes you. Where were you? Were you missing apart before that? No, man. You’re a whole you know, she adds to your completeness. And the reason I stress this so much is because how much stress can come from a partner? Why are you not coming along with a partner when you haven’t addressed these things for yourself? I mean, mess up. You’ve got health that’ll mess up your hormones. That’ll cause you back pain, knee pain.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:36:16] I had a patient. She had. She’s a doctor. G, I can’t poop. I said, okay, let’s talk about it. We’ve identified all these crappy food she was eating. I took off dairy. You have to take people off everything. Pooping for sure. Took off gluten, took her off all these processed foods. And then we put on this like awesome gut protocol. We were ready to do all these stool tests. And then I went back to the part where I said, why don’t I just sing her my own body like I should? Well, before I even brought that up, she’s like, oh, yeah, Dr. G. I’m hoping I broke up with my boyfriend. Like she broke up with this guy who was holding her energy down. Right. Because her sense of self was coming from this guy. He was he was completing her. And her body didn’t knew what she was doing. Her mind knew what she was doing. But the way she was acting was that. So she was finally pooping. You know, we only I only need to see her once. But the point is, is that that partner could be the biggest stressor of your life or the biggest contributor to your happiness and inspiration. So why not be with someone who totally raises your vibration? That is just like every day inspiring. That doesn’t mean you’re right. Guys, guys are gonna have argument. We’re human beings. We have egos. But learning how to show up for each other. Those arguments do loving rather than being victimized or egoic.

Maria Marlowe: [00:37:30] Yeah, it’s definitely takes a lot of, I think, discipline in a way to really be your own person and have your own identity and not just kind of fall into a relationship because I think in our our society, our culture. If you’re not in a relationship or you’re not married by a certain age, there’s just a lot of pressure and people feel like that means something. Right. So there’s this pressure just to be in a relationship, especially like I see it, you know, as women getting to their late 20s and 30s. If they’re not married, they’re like, OK, I just I need to get married, you know, and then they find themselves in these relationships that are not really suiting them and that are causing stress or that are not exactly what they’re looking for, but they kind of feel like trapped. And it’s really important that we never feel that way and really understand that our relationships are not what define us and that we do have to be really strong and love ourselves and be happy on our own before we can find that partner that it’s going to just kind of add to our life and not stress us out and not take away from it.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:38:33] Yeah, because no one should be dictating your lifetime liner or what you’re here to do it right. Regardless if it’s. I know. Listen, I’m Latin. You grew up in a family that go, you know, your girlfriend, your girlfriend. When you got to get married, though, you know. How old are you now? I’m like, all right. Relax because I’m on my own timeline and everyone should be on their own time. Regardless of societal pressures, family pressures, because your soul doesn’t care about same societal pressures. It cares about what you’re here to do. And if you’re here to change your world and another person’s world or the world, then let’s go on with that and let everything else comes to us. The people, the places of things, the situations, all that beautiful stuff comes to us when we’re vibrating at that alignment, that nature alignment that I was talking about attracts, attract. Someone said, you know, Instagram, you could to ask me anything. And it said, where can I find a man like you? I was like, OK, you’re not going to find a man like me. You’re going. Tracked it like have that vibration. So you like be a mirror of what you want to attract in another. Right. So I said, that’s what I like. Don’t look for a man like me like that. And then attract a person of that same vibration.

Maria Marlowe: [00:39:41] Yeah, I love that. And speaking of purpose, because you had mentioned that. What what role does purpose in having a purpose and a drive have in our health?

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:39:50] It is one of my top pillars of health, actually, a sense of purpose. We’re here to do so much more than sit in a cubicle and complete a job and go home and cook dinner and watch TV. We have so much potential and creative energy and we’re so powerful as human beings we can change. Like I said, a person’s world. Our world there are deep. And by understanding how powerful we are and aligning with a sense of purpose, that’s what we’re here to do. We’re here to do so much more than something that is just not aligned with us. So if you’re going a job and you don’t even look forward to it, it doesn’t bring you joy. It doesn’t fill your cup. Right. You’re not vibrating. You’re not going, oh, my God, today at work. This is what I’m going to do for today. You come back. You go. Jesus. That day at work was amazing. But let’s see how it’s going to go. That’s your life. And having a sense of purpose is going to be able to shift your life because we have a sense of purpose. Something to wake up to. You have something. How you gonna contribute to the world? And again, your health responds to that. If you have mental health, your health is gonna go. Thank you. All right. So we have to have a sense of purpose. I don’t even care if your sense of purpose, if you’re go into a job, that is. Let’s not even talk about jobs. Do something that is aligned with who you are. If your sense of purpose is knitting the best sweaters in your town, then knit those what the hell out of those sweaters so they look beautiful and put them out there and given the people and selling to people to everyone but fulfill that sense of purpose. Because we are creative beings and have that creative energy within us.

Maria Marlowe: [00:41:31] For sure. I’m a huge believer in that purpose, really is pivotal to our health as well, because if you’re miserable and you just feel lost like you’re blowing with the wind, you’re just not. You don’t have that energy, too. Or just that drive to even want to live or to even want to take care of yourself. You know, it’s just kind of like. And you just kind of go through life blowing with the wind. But having that core purpose, really, I feel like motivates you in every area of your life to really stay on track and to take care of yourself.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:42:01] There was a study that showed that people who have a sense of purpose have less visits to the doctor and better health outcomes versus those who don’t have a sense of purpose. They actually measured this. Because like you said, you think your body to some someone and to you, if you’re like, I hate my job, I hate my life. Your body responds to every thought you have. Right. So if you’re vibrating, you’re like, I can’t really do this tomorrow. I can’t wait to do this a year from now, two years now that’s going to say you’re not going to become sick and die. But that’s telling your body, hey, I have purpose. I have I have future things I want to do so bad for people and others in the world. So your body responds by understand? And so I’d say watch your thoughts and make sure you’re saying things that are loving your body, loving your sense of purpose, loving your journey, what you’re here to do.

Maria Marlowe: [00:42:48] Yeah, that’s such a fascinating study. I’ve never heard that before, but definitely really, really interesting. So we’ve talked about a few different things. We talked about stealth infections. We’ve talked about toxins, relationships, purpose. Are there any other areas of our life that we should be looking at or you had mentioned your pillars of health. So so what are some of your pillars of health?

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:43:08] I think we talked about a lot of good stuff. Now I think about it. This is good. I love well-rounded interviews. This is really awesome. But I can’t emphasize the importance of having a good cycle when it comes to sleep and just circadian cycles because evolutionarily that’s where we evolved about following that. And so many parts and facets of our body from immune system to hormones really are governed by this respect to what our bodies want to do. So we’ve kind of messed that up with blue lights and phones and TV. Netflix late at night, that one more show that we want to watch before bed. I think that we really need to get back to basics, and when I say that is. When it’s time to fall asleep and it’s usually most people right around 10:00 before 10:00. We want to be in bed between 10 and 2:00 to get our deepest rest, making sure we’re doing that, because what we’re doing is our cortisol is low. Melatonin is high. That’s an anti-cancer. That’s an anti-oxidants. Our immune system is regenerating, replenish, and we’re detoxifying. So having that respect and then having a full night’s sleep and then really important is that we have something called a quarter or quarters on week in response. We should wake up. Everyone should wake up, even if you’re in a dark part of town and open your blinds because one day that is going to hit you. We need that sun to a week. So soon we open our eyes. Let’s not reach for our phone and have artificial blue light, but leave our phone in silent mode. Go to our curtain. Open it up and let that sun hit us for a minute or two. Because what that’s doing is it’s raising our quarters, all the weights positive that can help reset those hormones throughout the day.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:44:43] Really important to get back to nature. And I can’t emphasize enough taking off your shoes and putting it on grass, putting it on on the ground. The electromagnetic forces from there are so helpful, getting out in nature. Negative ions giving that to our body like this stuff is more powerful than coffee. This stuff is more powerful than your everyday multivitamin, right? Because nature is way more intelligent than the scientists who made the multivitamin. You should. I’m trying to say so. That’s one major, major pillar. I talk about detox because it’s so important. We need to be detoxing. You need to be knowing what’s going on in our food and our mouth every day. What we’re drinking water has to be clean. Make sure you have a really good purified filter. I like the Burkey one item associate with them, but I just recommend for people because it does purify the water and making sure we’re detoxing. Get in an IR sauna exercise every single day or as much as you can work out the power of exercises. I came in under state. How powerful exercises? Even in preventative for breast cancer. People with breast cancer after breast cancer. Not even just cancer in general. Making sure that we are utilizing the power of what we’re meant to do. We’re not meant to sit down evolutionarily. We’re meant to walk miles and miles, climb trees, climb mountains, throw stones off the top of the mountain at our chest. That’s what we’re supposed to do. But let’s get I think we just need to think about is this something that is aligned with how nature intended it to be, right? Is it?

Maria Marlowe: [00:46:15] Yeah, they are. Great tips. Yeah, that’s just. And just being in nature, it just feels so good. Just simply like being there. Like I’m living in Dubai now, which is a beautiful place. But it’s very it’s a city. Right. So there’s there’s not a lot of green pastures or mountains or anything like that right. In the city. So I went to Singapore recently and I was obsessed because it’s like a huge garden, bears, just forests and like flower gardens. And everywhere you go, it’s green and slash. And I just wanted to sit there and just like soak it all in because I was like, I just need some some nature time.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:46:51] Yeah. And that’s the danger with living in cities. I mean, I’m in L.A. and I couldn’t live in Hollywood or West Hollywood or downtown or so. I just couldn’t do it because I need to be by the beach. And how many people go to the beach or go and nature really angry and then come out of nature and go, I’m still angry. I don’t know what I’m gonna do still. No. You go in nature and there’s something that it teaches you, something that heals when you’re by the ocean. You’re healing, when you’re walking in the fast you’re healing and you do a hike. How many of us do a hike? And we’re like, I hate the world. Still, if there’s something so powerful that it does beyond negative ions that science will never catch up to because we just can’t understand a quantum physics level, what it does, but it does powerful things to us. So like, let’s get in touch with it. Ask yourself in bed, did I have any nature in my life today? No. All right. Let me do it tomorrow. No, let me do it Wednesday. Let me do it Thursday, whatever it is.

Maria Marlowe: [00:47:44] Yeah. And even if you are living in a city, find a park like in New York. I say go to Central Park almost every single day because I just needed it. I just needed to be by some green or even go by the river. You know, there’s a river lake or something just to try and find as much greener nature as possible and work with what you have. And then maybe on the weekends you can go actually upstate or somewhere where it’s a bit more.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:48:06] Yeah. I mean, I did my residency in Philly and we had a garden in our hospital and I don’t without fail. There was no way around it. I was going outside for at least 30 minutes in the sun, in the garden, minus the winter. But I was going outside and I wouldn’t let anything change that during my lunch break because that was so important to me to be around a little slice of nature in the city. If you live in the city, then find it. You know, there’s parks there.Take off your shoes and get in the green, you know.

Maria Marlowe: [00:48:38] So one last question that I like to ask all my guests is that if you can leave our listeners with just one tip or piece of advice for them to live a happier and healthier life, what would that be?

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:48:51] Your time? Me Time, it’s my number one tip for any health. I don’t care what you’re dealing with. I don’t care what you have. Me time is the most important thing. You can have a whole family. Make your me time in the shower and spend an extra 10 minutes in the shower. Make your me time in the car. I don’t care how bad you are. Slice out a time of the day to have your own time, because if you’re running on autopilot every day, if you’re in a tornado, every single day of kids, children’s clients calls patients, you will never, ever find your center or your groundedness or. True, true happiness trap. You cannot be happy. You can’t be. I don’t care. Money is coming in. I don’t care if clients coming in. You cannot really be happy unless you’re own alignment. And the way to be your environment is to take your time and reflect on your days, on your day, on your year. The past year or the year before or whatever is reflecting on who you are and changing your vibration. You can be depressed. You can be angry. You can be sad, whatever it is. And you can always go back to that same vibration that you have in your alone time. Because when you have that alone time, you will be able to reset yourself all the time. Meditate, gratitude, affirmations, journal, go outside ground, go in nature. Something for yourself. Because like I said, it can change your relation to even if you have an incurable disease. It will still change your perspective in a relationship with an increased disease. Preventatively, it can help you prevent incurable diseases. It can help you overall with your help. So this is why I say because your me time and everything else, in my opinion, sprouts from that.

Maria Marlowe: [00:50:27] Yeah, that’s a great piece of advice. Well, thank you so much for sharing all your insights today. And if anyone wants to learn more, where should they look for you?

Dr. Christian Gonzalez: [00:50:36] Ok. Two places I have my Instagram is @doctor.g_ and an underscore and I have my own podcast. Which breaking news? You’re going to be on it next month. So that’s heal thyself. Heal space thy self. Space self. And that’s on YouTube and i-Tunes and Spotify just started three weeks ago. But I love the fact that we have platforms to do these things right for people to download and they can hear us like this is amazing. What about gratitude? Like how blessed are we that we can you can be in Dubai right now. I can be in L.A. It’s night. It’s morning feel. And we’re able to just do this and publishing people are going to hear to one person it might change your life.

Maria Marlowe: [00:51:18] Yeah, it’s amazing. Podcasting is such a great platform and just the Internet, even Instagram. I’m so grateful for Instagram that I learned so much from people like you who are posting this amazing information all the time. And it’s just we have so many ways to learn. And yet I’m just grateful for people like you and for all of these platforms that allow us to learn. Well, on behalf of myself and all your listeners, we’re grateful for you. Thank you. Thanks for tuning in, guys. And we’ll be back next week. Thank you.

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