Diary of a Health Coach: December


I often get asked what my life looks like since becoming a Health Coach, so each month, I dedicate a post to what my schedule actually looks like. December was a lot of conferences, coaching, and finalizing my book edits! Plus, an incredible trip. 


Ted X LA

The first weekend in December, I attended TedX LA, where I got to hear from a variety of thought leaders, including the first female private space explorer, Anousheh Ansari, who had an incredible story of following her dreams, and John Paul Dejoria, the Founder of John Paul Mitchell hair care. I attended as I wanted some inspiration, as my goal is to deliver my own TedX talk in the next year or two.


Los Angeles
Santa Monica sunsets.

While I was only there for the weekend, I managed to get a few other things in besides the conference. I was staying with one of the coolest girls I know in LA, Sahara, and her pup, Chubby, who was keeping me company while I worked.

Chubby the Pup
Look at that face!

We went to Butcher’s Daughter for dinner one night, which was really good, and the space is beautiful.

Tony Robbins Date with Destiny

Tony Robbins Date with Destiny Review
Tony Robbins – This man can command a room!
Tony Robbins Review
With Irina, one of my best friends who joined me for the conference.
Tony robbins review 2
With a Whole Foods bag filled with food for the day. We didn’t always get meal breaks, and the conference food was a little questionable, so I always pack my own.

The following weekend, I flew down to Florida to attend Tony Robbin’s Date with Destiny.

A few years ago I went to his Unleash the Power Within the conference, in an effort to learn from arguably the best coach in the world, around how to coach people to truly change their habits. I learned a lot, and improved my own coaching skills the first time.

This time around, I was going more for myself. How do I improve myself? What is holding me back?

It was an intense 6 days, but I left having learned a lot and excited to improve my life both professionally and personally. It brought to light areas where I was playing small or coming short and helped me paint a picture of not just the person I want to be, but what I want to achieve in the next year. To be honest, it was grueling (15 hour+ days, no sleep, hardly any food breaks so you had to eat at your seat, sitting in a cold, windowless room for hours), but worth it in the end, as I find myself really applying many of the principles and things I learned in the conference.

What stuck with me the most were Tony’s ideas of a primary question, and the towards and away values that shape our life.

Our primary question is that broken record that plays in our head, which is the filter through which we make every decision. Mine was a limiting question – am I successful enough?

Having decided to be an entrepreneur, I realized, I’m constantly measuring my self-worth on how successful I am. Which as you can imagine, could be a serious roadblock to future success. If I didn’t feel “successful enough” for something, I may decide to not apply for something, or speak up, or reach out to people that could be helpful in furthering my mission to improve the way America eats.

I was able to change my question to “How can I serve the most people today?” By focusing on how I can help and how I can serve, it eliminates the hesitation of reaching out or putting myself out there, because my focus is no longer on me (and will I fail, am I good enough) but rather I’m on a mission to help people, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill that mission.

Our towards and away from values also shape our decision making…and I realized, again, I had quite a few fear-based values that could or have been preventing me from truly achieving the life I want. Again, was able to turn them around to values I consciously chose to support a more fulfilling life.

The most magnificent thing is that I really feel like my new values (or rather unearthed values) are really ingrained in me after this conference, which is quite remarkable. Tony calls this “programming” and I must say, it works!

Book Edits

Real Food Grocery Guide_COVER.indd

I had to turn in my final round of edits for The Real Food Grocery Guide just before the new year, so went over the book again with a fine-tooth comb. I am so excited to share this with you guys (it will be released May 1st, but you can pre-order it on Amazon through the link above), and really think you will love it! It’s so incredible to watch it take shape as I poured my heart into this baby.

Working with Clients


When I wasn’t at a conference, most of the month I spent working with clients over the phone or Skype. While of course I love working with all of my clients, I particularly love helping people reverse their acne, because using food to clear up my own acne is what got me interested in nutrition in the first place!

Trip to Dubai and Bali


The day after Christmas, I headed to Dubai to see my love (who moved back there in August). It was my first time visiting Dubai, or the Middle East. Dubai is definitely a dazzling place, with beautiful architecture, stunning views, and overall a city so clean you would eat off the floor.

It’s truly a melting pot of nationalities, and it’s so nice to see everyone co-exist peacefully together. I imagine New York was once like this. Now, New York is still a melting pot of nationalities, but everyone assimilates to New York culture: in the way we dress, what we do, how we live. In Dubai, it seems, people maintain their culture, their dress, and their customs, which I think is quite nice.

I was pleasantly surprised at the availability of healthy, and organic foods there, which you can check out in my Dubai recap. We then headed to Bali for a few days with his family, where I was in food heaven. You can check out my top healthy restaurant picks in Bali here.

Interviews & Articles

Stress Free Dinner Party

This month, I was interviewed by Talia of the Party in My Plants Podcast about how food affects our skin, specifically acne. It’s episode 13.

My post, How to Throw a Dinner Party Stress-Free went up as part of my regular wellness column on ivankatrump.com.

The List also used some of my anti-acne advice in the post, Acne Mistakes You’re Probably Making & How to Fix Them

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