Get The Ring & Keep Your Relationship Hot with Sami Wunder

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Whether you’re single, married, or somewhere in between, you should know your worth and what you want out of a relationship. In this week’s podcast episode, Sami Wunder, an international love coach and relationship expert, dishes on how to find your ideal partner and create a serious, long-lasting loving relationship.

get the ring

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Meet Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is an international-level dating and relationship expert. She helps powerful, high-achieving women attract their dream man and create a deeply intimate and connected relationship! Sami’s clients have found true soulmate love using the system of love attraction that she teaches. She’s been hailed as the “get the ring coach” by the BBC radio London and the Daily Mail, and her work has been picked up by the Time Magazine, Forbes Magazine and many other publications of global renown. She is blissfully married to the love of her life. They have a 2-year-old son.

Get the Ring Episode Highlights

  • 2:40| how she went from a successful-in-life but not successful-in-love, man-bashing woman to rewiring her thoughts and habits in a way that allowed her to attract her ideal man in 9 months (to whom she’s now married and has a baby)
  • 5:30 | why you should be paying attention to the masculine + feminine dynamic
  • 15:40 | Sami’s unconventional philosophy for dating and finding a serious partner quickly
  • 19:28 | why she is a proponent of rotational dating 
  • 21:45| how to deal with “the relationship talk”
  • 23:00 | is there such a thing as getting engaged too quickly?
  • 28:36 | once you’ve built up your magnetic qualities, where do you go to meet potential partners?
  • 29:00 | how to write your list of what you look for in an ideal partner
  • 33:30 | how our parents relationship and our childhood can influence who we date
  • 36:00 | Sami’s perspective on soulmates 
  • 37:00 | why believing one has multiple soulmates leads to better relationships 
  • 38:27 | how to keep a long relationship fresh and exciting 
  • 45:00 | how being vulnerable creates deeper relationships
  • 46:00 | why sharing problems is not a burden, but rather a way to bring you closer to someone
  • 47:00 | how do we allow ourselves to be better receivers (not just givers)?
  • 50:00 | the ONLY way to respond to compliments
  • 52:00 | Sami’s top tip to living a happier and healthier life


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