Be Your Own Doctor with Integrative Medicine Dr. Rob Graham


Be Your Own Doctor with Integrative Medicine Dr. Rob Graham

A doctor that writes prescriptions for food and encourages you to be your own doctor? Yes, please. On this week’s episode of Happier & Healthier, we welcome Internal & Integrative Medicine physician, Dr. Robert Graham.

Episode Highlights

  • what integrative medicine is
  • the importance of food as medicine
  • the reason more doctors aren’t prescribing food as medicine
  • why he encourages his patients to be their own doctor
  • the importance of relaxation, exercise, sleep, and happiness
  • the #1 thing to do to relax (that you probably aren’t doing)
  • how to get into meditation (if you think you can’t do it)
  • what Dr. Rob sees as the future of healthcare
Dr. Rob Graham

Dr. Rob Graham

Integrative & Internal Medicine Doctor

Dr. Rob has many credentials. In additional to being double board certified in both internal and integrative medicine, he has a Masters of Public Health from Harvard. He recently became a Medical Advisor to the NYC Department of Health, and is the co-founder FRESH Med NYC, an Integrative Health Practice in Brooklyn. Oh, and on top of that, he is now studying to be a chef.

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