• Develop and stick to healthy eating habits
  • Never worry about what to’s done for you
  • Speed up time at grocery store
  • Reduce time in the kitchen
  • Learn how to batch cook efficiently
  • Quit sugar and junk food
  • Discover crave-worthy healthy recipes



Delicious, Easy Healthy Recipes

What You Get

Meal Plan & Shopping Lists

You’ll receive four weekly real food meal plans, optimized not only to keep you full and satisfied, but also to minimize your time in the kitchen and your grocery store bill. Each week comes with a weekly shopping list to make grocery shopping easy and fast.

Batch Cooking Instructions

Each week has thorough batch cooking instructions for Sunday (which takes about 90 minutes), so that all of your meals during the week are either pre-made or pre-prepped and will require no more than 20 minutes of additional cook time.

Delicious Healthy Recipes

The recipes in the meal plan are not only delicious, they are filling, and satisfying. Recipes utilize an abundance of vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts and seeds. Choose from 100% Plant-Based, or Plant-Based Plus, which includes eggs and fish. All recipes are dairy-free, gluten-free, meat-free, refined sugar-free and Kosher.

Beverage, Snack & Dessert Ideas

Learn my top picks for healthy beverages (as well as my thoughts on coffee and alcohol), healthy snacks (that you can buy at the store), and healthy desserts (you can make or buy).

Success Stories

I love the EatHEALTHY Meal Plan. My stomach is flat, I never feel hungry, and it’s saving me a ton of money on my typical food bill! The recipes are absolutely delicious and I love that I’m not throwing away extra food (or money) each week.


Julia Udine, Broadway Actress (Phantom of the Opera)

This plan makes everything so easy. I love the weekly batch cooking plan and shopping list- both have really saved me a ton of time. I am no longer scared of cooking, and I see an improvement in my metabolism and my digestion. My stomach is flatter, I’m thinking clearer, and overall I just feel better!


Romina K., PhD Student

Maria has helped thousands of people eat healthier.
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