Flight Skin Care Essentials (All Natural)


Air travel can take a toll on your skin and energy. Here are my in-flight skin essentials and sleep essentials so you arrive at your destination looking more refreshed than when you got on the plane.

Flight Skin Essentials

flight skin essentials

Primally Pure Cleansing Oil ($18)

Primally Pure Blue Tansy Beauty Cream ($40)

Primally Pure Beauty Cream ($32)

Primally Pure Complexion Mist ($20)

5 Primally Pure Lip Balm ($4) / set of 5 lip balms ($18)

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask ($25 for set of 6)

7 Travel Beauty Bag ($18)

My Flight Skin Essentials Routine


First, make sure your skin is makeup-free, especially before a long haul. My usual makeup removal/skincare routine is a bit more involved, but when traveling, I keep the Primally Pure Cleansing Oil (1) in my beauty bag, so I can dissolve all makeup and thoroughly yet gently cleanse my skin without drying it out. I use the Normal version, but they also have one for oily skin or dry skin.

At just 2 oz. it is perfect for your carry-on. I keep mine in a mini Ziploc bag within my beauty bag. When I can’t wash my face before I get to the airport, ideally I’ll do this in the bathroom at the airport or lounge.


Next, is a generous layer of their Primally Pure Beauty Cream (3) or newer Blue Tansy Beauty Cream (2) which is the same but also includes blue tansy, which offers additional anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. Both of these beauty creams deeply nourish and moisturize without feeling heavy or greasy. Your skin will drink them in. I recommend reapplying every few hours on long-haul flights, or whenever your skin starts feeling a little dry.

If your flight is less than 3 hours, the Beauty Cream should get you through, but anything above that, and you’ll need a hydrosol spray to combat the incredibly dry plane air that will leave your skin and nasal passages feeling drier than the Sahara desert.

This Lavender Complexion Mist (4) is my favorite hydrosol spray. I spray it all over my face and lightly up my nose (I generally spray it in that direction and then breathe in deeply) every hour or two. Hydrosols soften skin and lock in moisture. Additional ingredients in this mist include lavender, which calms and soothes inflamed skin, and aloe, which hydrates.


I also slather on a few swipes of their Lip Balm (5), which I can’t live without, and reapply generously throughout my long-haul flights. I buy the set of 5 lip balms and keep one in my travel bag, regular beauty bag, bathroom, purse, and coats so I’m never without it.


A flight is a wonderful time for an eye mask, and I love these Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks (6) that help to brighten, hydrate, and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Hyaluronic acid delivers hydration to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while aloe leaf extract and lavender oil offer a soothing and calming effect under the eye.

They’re packaged individually, so I always keep a few in my travel beauty bag (7). And because they stay adhered to your under-eye until you pull them off, you can walk around the plane or do whatever you like without worrying about them falling off. Plus they are cute for Instagram 🙂

Air Travel Sleep Essentials

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses($30)

Light Blocking Sleep Mask ($7)

Lavender Melatonin Spray ($13)


I’m obsessed with these Blue-Light Blocking Glasses (1), which look like regular, fashionable glasses with clear frames, yet protect your eyes from the blue light emitted by electronic screens that can leave your eyes feeling red, itchy, blurry, and tired, and even mess with your circadian rhythm and keep you awake. At just $30, these are one of my most treasured finds.

Traditionally, blue light blocking glasses have been yellow or orange, which are OK in your bedroom. But they are not a good look when you’re on a plane. I wear these on the plane so I can more easily fall asleep after watching TV or working on the computer. I actually wear them all the time when working on the computer at the office. Your eyes will feel so calm, even after looking at a screen for hours!


If I’m having trouble falling asleep for any reason or I want to make myself sleep so that my body is on my destination’s time clock, I use this natural lavender melatonin spray to help me fall asleep.

Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate your internal clock. High relative levels of melatonin help signify that it is time for your body to sleep. Thankfully, I don’t have trouble sleeping at home, but on a plane, this is a lifesaver. It won’t knock you out like a sleeping pill but rather signals to your body that it’s bedtime and will help you easily and gently doze off.

I’ll take a few sprays of melatonin, and then slide on this Light Blocking Sleep Mask, and I’m usually asleep in minutes. The sleep mask is like having your own personal black-out curtains – there will not be an ounce of light creeping into this mask. Another lifesaver on a long-haul flight.

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