The Best Natural Deodorant


A natural deodorant that actually works?! Yes, I have finally found the holy grail of natural deodorant. I put this deodorant to the test, and it’s hands down, the best natural deodorant for preventing odor and wetness.

I sweat…a lot

I’ve always been am a sweat-er. I can’t tell you how many shirts I’ve ruined with yellow sweat stains. To this day 75% of my tops are sleeveless because inevitably, I will sweat in them, and it’s much less noticeable in sleeveless tops.

In fact, when I was in high school, I sweat so much, I was diagnosed with hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating for (seemingly) no reason. In an effort to stop the sweating, my dermatologist injected my underarms with Botox on multiple occasions. I read in celeb gossip magazines that celebs did this before their red carpets.

It didn’t work. I still sweat, and soon after developed a weird rash that looked like a scar near the injection area, and while I can’t prove the two are related, I also can’t prove they’re not. Needless to say, I do NOT recommend this as an option.

A couple of years later, I switched to a healthy, real food diet, and soon after that, also switched to natural and organic personal products. In the pursuit to find the most effective natural deodorant, I’ve tried dozens of them. It’s taken me a long time (10 years) to find one I’m willing to rave about.

Sweat 101

Sweat is water and salt. It doesn’t smell. But when it comes in contact with the naturally occurring bacteria on your skin, it stinks.

Antiperspirants contain aluminum, which temporarily clogs up your sweat glands and prevents you from sweating. Not good. We sweat for a reason…it is a natural cleansing, cooling, and detoxifying process. Although not conclusively proven to be the cause of the two conditions, aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s and breast cancer.

Regular deodorants don’t stop you from sweating, but instead, contain anti-bacterial ingredients that kill the bacteria on your skin to prevent the smell. While they don’t contain aluminum, they do typically contain other controversial ingredients, including synthetic fragrances.

Why You Should Use Natural Deodorant

Sweat is a natural process – you should want to sweat – just not smell. Natural deodorants prevent the odor, without the controversial and potentially harmful ingredients.

Natural deodorant is notorious, though, for not being effective. I’ve tried just about all of them – the sticks, the salt rocks, the pastes…and they all seem to work for a period of time…and then stop, naturally just before an important meeting or big event.

Enter, Primally Pure Natural Deodorant: The best natural deodorant.

Best Natural Deodorant: Primally Pure Deodorant ReviewBest Natural Deodorant

I have been using Primally Pure face products for almost a year now, and have been obsessed with their fancy face serum and beauty cream. I also won’t take a long-haul flight without their Complexion Mist, which keeps my skin hydrated.  So, when my ineffective natural deodorant ran out, I decided to give theirs a try.

At $12 a stick, it ain’t cheap, but it’s so worth it.

This actually works for a full 24-hours. I’ve been using it for a  month now, and I have never, in my 12 years of using natural deodorant, found one that has worked as consistently and effectively as this one.

I love the Primally Pure Deodorant because:

  • It comes in an easy-to-apply stick. I’d rather not spoon my deodorant out and apply it with my fingers, thank you.
  • It smells good, but not fake. The faint fresh fragrance comes from essential oils, not synthetic fragrances. I use lemongrass, which has a delightfully fresh scent. They also have unscented, tea tree, and lavender.
  • It has 6 simple, non-harmful ingredients. Organic Arrowroot Powder, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*, Organic Tallow from Grass-Fed Cows, Baking Soda, Organic Beeswax, Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil *FAIR TRADE
  • Not Irritating. Their regular deodorant works perfectly for me, and I feel like it makes my skin look and feels nicer. Interestingly, they have a sensitive version with less baking soda, which they recommend for people who are switching over from a regular deodorant. It takes a little time for your pits to get used to the baking soda, apparently, and the founder Bethany told me that the sensitive version now outsells the regular! If you are using a natural deodorant already, you should be fine with the regular version, but if you’re currently using regular, try the sensitive version.
  • IT LASTS FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS. Seriously. No smell of B.O. in a 24 hour period. Even if you’re running around all day or go to the gym. Alleluia.

Get Your Primally Pure Deodorant here.

PS: I just learned they have a new charcoal deodorant option, that is supposed to be even better, if that’s possible. I just ordered it and will keep you posted once I try it.

According to Primally Pure it:

  • contains a small amount of baking soda (less than the original formula and a tad bit more than the sensitive formula) and is fortified with kaolin clay (a powerful detoxifier) and non-nano zinc oxide (soothes irritation + combats odor).
  • Charcoal contains added detoxifying benefits while also deodorizing and disinfecting.
  • Goes on clear and doesn’t stain clothes.

Can’t wait to try that one. If YOU try their deodorant, please come back here and leave a comment below to let me know how it works for you!



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