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Ginger Veggie Spring Rolls

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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


Ginger Veggie Wraps

Tahini Sauce


  • First, make the gingered carrots and broccoli. Heat a large pan over medium heat, add just enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan, add 2 tablespoons of ginger, 2 cloves of garlic, and let cook for 1 minute before adding the carrots and broccoli stems. Cook for 7 minutes, then set aside.
  • Next, make the cabbage. Return the pan to the heat, coat the bottom with a thin layer of oil once again, add the remaining tablespoon of ginger, cook for 1 minute. Then, add the cabbage and cook for 7 minutes, stirring occasionally, and adding 1- 2 tablespoons of water about halfway through to help the cabbage cook. When done, remove from heat.
  • Meanwhile, you can make the tahini dressing. Add the tahini and water to a small bowl and mix with a fork until smooth. Then add the lemon juice, and mix well again. Finally mix in salt to taste. Set aside.
  • Once the veggies are all cooked, you can assemble the wraps. Place a large shallow dish or rimmed baking sheet in your sink, then fill with hot water from the faucet. Working one at a time, submerge one spring roll sheet in the hot water for 3-5 seconds, then quickly remove to a clean cutting board and lie flat. Place a few slices of avocado in the middle, and on top of that about ¾ cup of mixed veggies - including the cabbage, carrots, and broccoli.
  • Then fold the top and bottom in towards the center, then the left side, and then the right to create a spring roll or pocket type shape. Repeat with remaining ingredients, working one at a time.
  • Serve the ginger veggie wraps with the tahini dipping sauce. These save well and can be eaten cold.

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