Natural Product Consulting

As an educator on healthy and natural foods who has worked with hundreds of women in person, influenced thousands more online, and author of the forthcoming The Ultimate Grocery Store Guide (to be published 2016), Maria is a wealth of information and insight into the consumer minds and desires when it comes to “health” food. 

As such, she can provide invaluable recommendations and guidance for natural and organic food, beverage, beauty, and personal care products. From small start-ups needing help with ingredient selection and marketing to established companies looking to optimize an opportunity in the ever growing and popular organic and natural segment, to restaurants looking to “health-ify” their menu, Maria can help.   

In terms of demographics, Maria works mainly with women in the 25-45 range, working professionals, either single or moms in urban areas and is a window into their mindset, preferences, and desires. 

There are a lot of “fake” healthy products on the market, which try to exploit a trend or green wash the consumer into thinking the product is healthier than it actually is through clever marketing or packaging. But the consumer isn’t stupid. Now more than ever, and especially going forward, consumers are demanding the highest quality products, and won’t be loyal to anything less than that. 

If you’re interested in working with an expert health food consultant, contact Maria.