Weight Loss

How to Stop Eating Mindlessly

In the five years I’ve been seeing clients and leading group classes, one of the most common questions I get is how to stop eating mindlessly. Here I’m sharing my ten tips to quit this bad habit. 
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Is Coconut Oil Bad For You?

Before you go dumping your coconut oil after the media broke news demonizing coconut oil after a new American Heart Association Report, read this.
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The Cheese Trap

If you eat dairy and want to improve your overall health, then you MUST read The Cheese Trap by Neal Barnard.
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How to Recover from a Sugar Binge

We’ve all had our weak moments, and woken up in a bed of candy wrappers at one time or another, but with Halloween and Thanksgiving behind us and the holidays upon us, it seems as if the whole nation is collectively on a sugar binge.
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Losing Weight Quickly

Losing Weight, Quickly

When it comes to losing weight, we all want a quick fix. The magic pill, the skinny tea, the cayenne lemonade, perhaps even a fairy godmother… While these things may assist you in the short run, the truth is, they probably won’t assist you in the long run, and they’re definitely not the healthiest route to take, physically or mentally....
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The Reason You’re Not Losing Weight

Just this week, a client brought me an empty bottle of a new juice she found at Whole Foods and really liked. It was all natural, made from real fruit and comes in a convenient (and pretty) single serve bottle. Is this OK? she asked. So, of course I put my food detective hat on and took a look. It turned out their...
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Milk Does a Body BAD: 7 Surprising Dairy Facts

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, dairy is out.  Like bell bottoms and track suits, the once exalted dairy, in now a faux-pas.  Like many of us, you have probably heard that milk is good for you and building strong bones.  It turns out though, the National Dairy Council has had us all duped for decades!   Below are...
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Lose the Last 5 Pounds, Effortlessly

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eat something to melt those last 5 pounds right off your body? And no, I’m not talking about popping a pill, I’m talking about actual foods that will help slim your body without any extra effort on your part. How do they work? Fiber-rich foods have a thermogenic effect on your body, making...
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