Pea Dill Soup

Pea & Dill Soup

This delicious creamy pea and dill soup has a few secret ingredients that up the nutrition without detracting from the taste. 
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Warm French Lentil Salad

This quick and easy warm french lentil salad makes a great protein-packed side dish. You could also throw it over arugula or baby greens OR use it as a component of a veggie bowl.  Print Recipe Warm French Lentil Salad Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Add to Meal Plan: Select Course to Add: BreakfastLunchDinner This recipe has...
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Spicy Blueberry Salad with Hemp Avocado

Spicy Blueberry Arugula Salad with Hemp Crusted Avocado

This antioxidant-packed Spicy Blueberry Salad with Hemp-Crusted Avocado makes for a delicious and hearty lunch that can even be made the day before and brought to work. With 25 grams of protein, and 40% of your recommended daily intake for iron, this salad won’t leave you hungry or tired. Hello Meatless Monday!
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Fully Raw Kristina Interview

How Veggies Saved Her Life with Fully Raw Kristina Bucaram

Social media sensation Kristina Bucaram, aka Fully Raw Kristina, chats how eating more vegetables and fruit reversed her Type 2 diabetes, how to help your family get on board with healthy eating (when they resist), and why upgrading your diet improves your mental and emotional health in addition to physical health. 
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get the ring

Get The Ring & Keep Your Relationship Hot with Sami Wunder

Whether you’re single, married, or somewhere in between, you should know your worth and what you want out of a relationship. In this week’s podcast episode, Sami Wunder, an international love coach and relationship expert, dishes on how to find your ideal partner and create a serious, long-lasting loving relationship.
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Nutty Dark Chocolate Bar Maria Marlowe Nioxin

Nutty Dark Chocolate Bar

This decadent looking Nutty Dark Chocolate Bar is packed with nutrient-dense ingredients which will not only hold you over ’till dinner, but provide the nutrients needed for long, strong, healthier hair.
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Rainbow Veggie Bowl

This Rainbow Veggie Bowl is bursting with nutrients that support overall health and will give you a beauty boost, too, as the nutrient-dense ingredients support healthy hair, skin, and nails.
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How to Not Have a Heart Attack with Dr. Joel Kahn

Heart disease is the #1 killer not just in America, but globally, taking millions of lives each year. Perhaps shockingly, research suggests that heart disease can not only be prevented, but reversed with diet and lifestyle changes. This week on the Happier & Healthier podcast, Dr. Joel Kahn gives us the low down on how to not have a heart...
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Cauliflower Oatmeal (Vegan, Paleo, AIP, Whole 30)

As you may be aware by now, cauliflower can be anything, including cauliflower oatmeal. This relatively easy to prepare and quick recipe may become a staple in your morning rotation.  Why Cauliflower Oatmeal? Most people can use more vegetables in their diet, so why not sneak some in at the breakfast table, a place where they are often absent?  Grains...
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Fertility, Autoimmunity, & Traditional Chinese Medicine with Aimee Raupp

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dates back 2,500 years and is still widely used in China. It’s a medical system that looks at the whole person, and treats dis-ease by getting to the root underlying problem. In this episode, Aimee Raupp MS LAc, a TCM practitioner, acupuncturist, and herbalist specializing in fertility, autoimmunity, and women’s health shares her insights on becoming...
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Maybe it's You Lauren Zander Interview

Maybe It’s You with Lauren Handel Zander

This week on the Happier & Healthier Podcast, I talk with life coach Lauren Zander, author of “Maybe It’s You” and whose Handel Method is taught at MIT, Stanford, and NYU, to give you the kick in the pants you need to figure out how to cut the crap, face your fears, and take action to create a life you...
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From Pharmacist to Farmacist with Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo

What’s a pharmacist to do when she starts feeling run down, lethargic, and is having chronic digestive issues and falling asleep after lunch? Instead of listening to what she’d been taught about diet as a nutrition & food science in undergrad, she started experimenting with her own diet- and discovered the power of food as medicine to reverse her issues.
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How to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Become Your Badass Self with Psychologist Dr. Lauren Hazzouri

Tired of feeling discouraged and in a rut? It’s time to boost self-confidence and learn to become your badass self. This week on the Happier & Healthier Podcast, I sit down with psychologist, Dr. Lauren Hazzouri, to break down society’s BS and figure out how to truly be yourself.
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