The Future of Health Coaching with Jim Curtis

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The concept of health coaching is just under 30 years old, and only recently became a household term. Looking forward to the next decade, Jim Curtis, exec at the original and largest health coach training program, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, shares recent advancements and what’s to come for this exciting industry.

More about Health Coaching

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Jim Curtis 

Jim Curtis is a keynote speaker, a start-up business consultant, a partner at the wellness center Modrn Sanctuary, and IIN’s Head of Brand. Jim was named one of PharmaVOICE’s Top 100 Most Influential and Inspirational Leaders in Health three years in a row and is the recipient of PM360’s Elite Disrupter Award. A graduate of the Whittemore School of Business at the University of New Hampshire, Jim began his career trading health technology options on the American Stock Exchange. Jim is the author of The Stimulati Experience, which shares his story battling his own undiagnosed illness and, using grounded scientific research, insightful evaluations, and personal stories, takes you on a journey of self-discovery so that you can radically improve your life.




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