Should I Panic if it’s Not Organic with Max Goldberg?

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Organic Insider Founder Max Goldberg shares why choosing organic (and not just for food!) is a smart choice for you and your health. In addition to organics in food and our life, he discusses whether or not hydroponics should be considered organic, and how the powerful ag-tech industry manipulates public opinion on its chemicals.

Meet Max Goldberg

Called an “organic sensation” by The New York Times and named as “one of the nation’s leading organic food experts” by Shape Magazine, MaxGoldberg is one of the most influential voices in the organic food movement today. He is the Founder/Editor of Organic Insider, a weekly newsletter read by many of the most influential CEOs in the industry, and it has been called a “must-read” and “required reading”.

An organic food “activist journalist,” Max also runs the organic food blog Living Maxwell and the Organic Food Industry group on LinkedIn (which has over 20,000 members), and he regularly consults with organic food companies and CEOs from around the world. He is also the host of The Living Maxwell Podcast, a recently launched podcast which interviews people inside and outside of the organic food world.

Sober for 20 years, Max will be releasing a memoir in late 2019 called UNPREPARED: Breaking Free from a Decade of Antidepressants, which recounts what happened when he went off a decade of antidepressants.

You can find him on Instagram at @LivingMaxwell.

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