Release Physical Pain by Releasing Emotional Pain with Anela Lineham

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Ever feel like you need a good tune up? You probably do! Our aches, pains, and physical injuries could be triggered by more than something physical. Anela Lineham, co-founder of the Human Garage, shares how trauma and emotions get locked in our fascia (connective tissue) which could lead to posture issues, pain, and more. I share my transformative experience at the Human Garage and she explains why the variety of therapies they use to release fascia and emotions were able to dramatically improve my posture and eliminate my back pain.

Meet Anela Lineham

Anela Lineham is the Co-Founder of Human Garage with her Husband Garry. She is an Intuitive Women’s Health Expert and a Motion & Breathwork Master with a focus on the biochemical, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a woman’s wellbeing.  

The Human Garage is a magical place. Since going, I’ve raved about it to anyone who will listen. I walked in with chronic back pain (which I thought was caused by stepping off a curb wrong) and with uneven posture, and I walked out pain-free and standing much more upright then I usually do. (I tend to push my hips forward and lean to the side.) 

According to Human Garage, they provide “a holistic approach to bodywork that releases unhealthy pressure from your fascia, realigns your entire body, and facilitates pain-free movement and peak performance — so you can move like you were designed to move.”

I recount my experience on the podcast, and I’ve included my before and after photos, below. 

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My Before and After Human Garage Review

The two greatest benefits I realized by going to the Human Garage was eliminating my chronic back pain and improving my posture. I  immediately felt more even keeled. I could feel I was standing straighter – and not reverting to my tendency to lean to one side. From the photos you can see my head is held higher, my shoulders are pulled back more, my hips are less tilted to the left, and my butt looks lifted, 



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