Is Brushing Your Teeth is Harming Your Health? with Trina Felber, RN

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If the eyes are a window to the soul, than your mouth is a window to your health. Registered Nurse Trina Felber explains oral-systemic health on the latest Happier & Healthier podcast. She breaks down how your heart, brain, immune system, and entire body are impacted – negatively or positively – based on how you brush your teeth.

What is Oral-Systemic Health?

Oral-systemic health is the connection between oral hygiene and your overall health. Bad breath, dry mouth, bleeding gums, plaque buildup, and other oral issues can be a precursor to more serious underlying health issues. In this episode, oral expert Trina breaks down these important connections and how to improve our oral health naturally.

Learn About the Oral-Systemic Health Connection

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Meet Oral-Systemic Health Expert Trina Felber

Trina Felber is the Creator and CEO of Primal Life Organics, a premier, all-natural dental care company that focuses on oral health as the gateway to internal health. She believes that the antiseptic products we use in our mouths are doing more harm than good! After more than 25 years as a registered nurse, Trina has become one of the leading experts in oral-systemic health. She created a line of natural dental products for stronger, cleaner, whiter teeth and improved overall health.

Episode Highlights

  • Why Trina left nursing after 25 years to educate the public on the oral-systemic health connection and a natural dental care entrepreneur
  • Why conventional toothpaste and mouthwash is hazardous to your health
  • How conventional toothpaste and mouthwash impairs our immune system
  • The connection between our oral microbiome and our gut microbiome
  • How our oral health impacts our brain health
  • The link between oral health, inflammation, and heart health
  • The natural way to heal a cavity
  • Trina explains the Triad Of Health – The link between your Mouth-Gut-Brain (leaky gum syndrome-leaky gut syndrome–leaky brain syndrome)


More from Trina Felber

Website: For natural dental care products, head to:

Instagram @PrimalLifeOrg

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