Healing Cancer with Food with Liana Werner-Gray

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Cancer survivor Liana Werner-Gray shares tips from her new book Cancer Free with Food on how to use food as medicine to prevent and fight cancer. 

Learn How Food Affects Cancer

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Meet Liana Werner-Gray

Liana Werner-Gray is the author of Cancer Free with Food, The Earth Diet and 10-Minute RecipesAfter five years of eating processed foods and refined sugars for every single meal, she ended up in the hospital with a golf-ball sized tumor on her neck. This wake-up call launched the idea of a blog she called “The Earth Diet” with a concept to eat only natural foods for 365 days. Liana found a way to still enjoy her favorite foods including brownies, cookie dough, burgers and fries, but in a healthier way. Her recipes have been featured on NBC, Fox News, News 12, WABC, and more. 

Episode Highlights

  • What food changes did you make when you were diagnosed with cancer?
  • Does fruit/fruit juice have a place in a cancer-protective diet?
  • Is the best diet to heal cancer vegan or does it include animal products?
  • The top 3 foods for preventing and fighting cancer.
  • Which supplements aid in cancer prevention and fighting? (We discuss astragalus and bentonite clay)
  • Which are the worst foods for our health?
  • Why we should avoid microwaved food and water.
  • How Liana minimizes the damaging effects of alcohol.
  • Why positivity is an integral part in healing cancer.


More from Liana Werner-Gray

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