Grocery Shop Like a Nutrition Pro

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Ever feel confused or overwhelmed at the grocery store? This Happier & Healthier podcast episode is for you. 

This week I’m taking you on a guided tour of the grocery store with tips from my book, The Real Food Grocery Guide, so you can make the healthiest choices in every section of the grocery store. 

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Some topic highlights (and time stamps) include:

  • 2:50 | why are we so confused about what is healthy? (AKA food politics)
  • 7:55 | why you need to quit diet soda, stat
  • 11:20 | is organic worth it?
  • 12:38 | how to chose which foods to buy organic
  • 15:47 | why steel cut and instant oatmeal are not the same – and one can spark weight gain
  • 17:58 | why beans are a superfood – especially for weight loss
  • 19:00 | why paleo’s restriction of beans may be misguided
  • 20:58 | if you can’t digest beans or vegetables well, what to try (Hint: It’s a high quality probiotic!) 
  • 22:00 | will nuts and seeds make you fat?
  • 22:36 | why comparing calories is not the best way to compare foods
  • 24:14 | the number one seed you need
  • 25:00 | what you need to know and labels to look for before you buy meat or poultry again
  • 28:28 | what you need to know if you eat seafood more than twice a week
  • 30:38 | how to choose the healthiest eggs
  • 32:00| the most important part of a packaged food product
  • 33:00 | the unhealthiest oil you need to remove from your diet STAT


Check out the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 list. 

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The The Real Food Grocery Guide is on sale on Amazon. (Currently less than $13 bucks!) 

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