Be Your Own Doctor with Integrative Medicine Dr. Rob Graham

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A doctor that writes prescriptions for food and encourages you to be your own doctor? Yes, please. On this week’s episode of Happier & Healthier, we welcome Internal & Integrative Medicine physician, Dr. Robert Graham. 

Dr. Rob has many credentials. In additional to being double board certified in both internal and integrative medicine, he has a Masters of Public Health from Harvard. He recently became a Medical Advisor to the NYC Department of Health, and is the co-founder FRESH Med NYC, an Integrative Health Practice in Brooklyn. Oh, and on top of that, he is now studying to be a chef. 

We had a great conversation on the topic of food as medicine (If this interests you, and you live in NYC, be sure to join us at our Real Food Rx event on May 22, 2018). 

Episode Highlights

  • what integrative medicine is
  • the importance of food as medicine
  • the reason more doctors aren’t prescribing food as medicine 
  • why he encourages his patients to be their own doctor
  • the importance of relaxation, exercise, sleep, and happiness
  • the #1 thing to do to relax (that you probably aren’t doing)
  • how to get into meditation (if you think you can’t do it) 
  • what Dr. Rob sees as the future of healthcare

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Key Quotes and Ideas


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More from Dr. Rob

His medical practice in NYC: FRESH Med NYC

His Facebook and Instagram @FRESHMedNYC


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