How to Recover from a Sugar Binge

Went overboard on the sugar? Here is how to detox from a sugar binge.
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We’ve all had our weak moments, and woken up in a bed of candy wrappers at one time or another, but with Halloween and Thanksgiving behind us and the holidays upon us, it seems as if the whole nation is collectively on a sugar binge.


One bite-size candy turns into king-size intake, and the next day we’re left in sugar hangover.

While one day of bad eating won’t kill you, the resulting downward spiral of bad habits is what you truly want to avoid. Don’t let the holiday snowball into a whole season (or year!) of sugar.

Here is how to recover from a sugar binge:

1- Don’t Beat Yourself Up: No use crying over spilled (almond) milk. What’s done is done, and everyday is a chance for a new decision. When it comes to health, the most important indicator is what you do the majority of the time, not once in awhile. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and stop with the self-criticism. What happens on Halloween, stays there.

2- Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: High sugar intake can leave you dehydrated, so don’t skimp on the water or fresh pressed green juice today. The added hydration will help your body better process the sugar, and get you back to feeling normal again.

3- Eat Well Balanced Meals: To help bring your blood sugar back into balance, don’t starve yourself, as you may be tempted to do, but rather consume 3 well-balanced meals, loaded with high fiber veggies, and a healthy plant-based or lean protein. Beans and dark leafy greens are particularly important. They contain magnesium, which helps your body process sugar. Chard, black beans and avocado are all good sources. If you want easy ideas for well balanced meal download my free 3-Day Real Food Challenge.

4- Pop a Probiotic: Consuming too much sugar can alter your gut bacteria for the worse, so help get it back in check by taking a high quality probiotic, sipping on kombucha, or eating naturally fermented foods.

5- Exercise: Exercise is one of the best ways to balance blood sugar, so don’t overlook a sweat session as a way to help you feel better. Plus, it will help you burn off some of that excess energy.

Do you have a good tip for recovering from too much sugar? Share it below!


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