Peacefood Cafe

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Peacefood Cafe

One of my favorite places to meet clients or friends is at Peacefood Cafe in Union Square. 

I love how big and spacious it is, and I’m particularly fond of the fact that it doesn’t look very hippie/granola, despite the vegan menu. 🙂 

Last night I met up there with one of the most inspiring (and gorgeous!) women I know, Liana Werner-Gray. (Her book, The Earth Diet, is coming out the end of October and I’ll have more juicy details on that soon!) We chatted with the cafe owner, Peter, and devoured a few of their delicious dishes. 

For me, I can’t go to Peacefood with out ordering their baked chickpea fries. They are my favorite thing on the menu.

Peacefood-Cafe chickpea fries
My iphone camera wasn’t cutting it. This photo is from Sideways NYC 

 Then we each had a soup, although last time I was there, I had the raw pizza, and it is now my second favorite thing on the menu. I also like their salads and roasted veggie plate.

For dessert we finished it off with a big piece of double layer chocolate cake. 

chocolate cake peacefood


Peacefood is located on 11th Street, right off of University. If you’re near Union Square, you must check it out, there is plenty to choose from, and the menu will satisfy omnivore and vegans alike. 





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