What Happens When You Stop Eating Junk Food for 90 Days

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Liana Werner-Gray, Biography Photos, NYC, 9/18/2013

The thought of not eating anything out of a box for 90 days may seem impossible. But the affects of it are quite astounding. 

Liana Werner-Gray is a perfect example of you are what you eat. She may look all vibrant and glow-y now, but it wasn’t always that way. 

Her story starts in Australia, where she was born and raised in the Outback. She grew up on Mother Nature’s bounty. But, as a teen, she moved to a big city and got an insatiable taste for junk food.  For years, that’s all she ate, and then at 21, Liana was diagnosed with a pre-cancerous tumor in her neck. 

Pretty scary right?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that one of the main reasons I got into this whole healthy eating and lifestyle thing, was my own brush with cancer…At 17, when my vegetable and fruit of choice was still french fries and tomato sauce on pizza, I too was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cell changes. My doctor’s only advice: Keep coming back every 6 months. When they change further (aka when you have cancer) we will treat them. Ummmm no, thanks. 

So, while we were both on opposite sides of the world, we researched the bejeezus out of our conditions, and ended up with a very similar conclusion: food changes everything.

Hear Liana’s story in her own words, and learn her food philosophy for staying healthy and disease free (which is very aligned with my own). 

In case you don’t have time for the video, I’ll cut to the chase. In Liana’s case, she decided to give up processed foods for 365 days, and started a blog to document it. 90 days after she started, the tumor was gone. (In my own case, it took almost 2 years to be totally cleared of it, so if you are facing your own health issues, be persistent!) 

It is now 6 years later, and based on the success of Liana’s blog, she has turned her philosophy into a gorgeous book with 100 recipes to make following a natural, whole food diet as easy as possible. And if you missed the video, it does include lots of (healthy) desserts. 

The book, called The Earth Diet, will be released by Hay House on October 28th (next week…YAY!).

You can scoop the book up here on Amazon:  https://amzn.to/1ouJoA1 

 Liana and I would love to know, what’s your own experience with food and health? Have you found that changing your diet reversed or improved an illness? Leave us a comment below. 



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