Will Health Coaches be the Future of Healthcare?

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Who hires health coaches, anyway? 

Remember I mentioned I’d be hosting Integrative Nutrition’s new web series, called IIN Depth?

Here in the second episode, I address the the current state of health coaching in America, including the growing popularity of hiring Health Coaches at mega corporations and doctors offices, as well as the issues that need to be addressed before Health Coaching officially becomes mainstream. 

Watch the video, and comment below it on Youtube. What do you think? Are you glad Health Coaches are stepping in to fill the gaps in the current health care system, or are you hesitant to work with a Health Coach, and why?

If you missed my first IIN Depth video on Telspec, a fascinating new technology that I believe has the power to change the way people eat, and perhaps force the the food industry to shape up, watch it here

If you are interested in learning how you can work with a Health Coach, like moi, check out this page. And if you want to have the coolest job in the world and become a Health Coach yourself, check out this page



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  1. My thought is that family practice physicians, government health agencies and publicly acknowledged and respected organizations – CDC – disease associations, and even psychological and psychiatric professions need to be nationally accepting, acknowleding and partnering to educate average americans about the potential hope and success a partnership with Health Coaches can truly initiate change for them as individuals. I think they could also be better embracing and promoting the virtual tools that, if not available in person,they can either way extablish a true personal and professional relationship to help build and stick to a plan and gain their own ownership and success.

    1. Thanks for sharing Wendy! I agree that it would be wonderful for physicians and many of these organizations to share the benefits of or encourage health coaching. And many of them have started! More and more doctors, particularly functional medicine doctors, are hiring or working with health coaches.New ways of doing things often take time to be generally accepted, and I think we are moving in the right direction!

  2. IIN is a very great institution if you want to learn more and become a health coach. I am happy that you’re also with them. Nice content, by the way. 🙂

  3. health coaches wont replace doctors but preventive medication is surely a thing of the future. Investing on it is a great idea!!

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