The Technology that will Take Down the Food Industry

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Tellspec: Changing What People Will Eat 

UPDATE: Although I sometimes fantasize about traveling the world and holding wellness retreats in exotic locations, I haven’t figured out how to bring it to fruition yet. (Any ideas??) 

My new gig is still pretty exciting, though. 

I am now stepping in front of the camera as the host of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s new web series. 

It’s called IINDepth, and twice a month I’ll explore an innovative or exciting breakthrough in the food industry or on the health and wellness front.

The first video is all about a fascinating new and soon to be released technology, which I think, has the power to take down the food industry. (And this thought is not a fantasy.) 

In a nutshell, this handheld device is small enough to fit in your purse and will allow you to know exactly what you’re eating (chemicals and pesticides included) and what those ingredients do to your body. If you know that there are 45 pesticides on the apple you picked up at the grocery store, many (if not all) of which are known carcinogens and hormone disruptors, would you still eat it?

Now imagine if you scanned anything in the snack aisle…  

Watch the video than leave a comment below…do you think this will change the way people eat?

PS. If you want one, it has been slated to launch in the next year or so, but I don’t know the exact date. You can sign up at to be alerted when it does. 


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  1. Hey Maria, I think this device is very cool and it would be so hopeful to illustrate to folks all of the harmful additives in their food. Any idea on the price range?

    1. Hi Nathan. Super cool right? I believe they initially said it would be a few hundred dollars, but demand would probably bring it down to about $99 in a couple years. I am not totally sure though (as I don’t work for them, just am super excited about what they are doing) so I would visit and sign up for updates for more details!

  2. Sounds veeery interesting! I just wonder how accurate it will be and I’m assuming it only works on whole foods.

    1. Hi Jen. I know it sounds crazy, but it will be surprisingly accurate. They are actually just taking a technology that has been around for decades, and pairing it with an extensive database, and making it for consumer use. Since everything has it’s own chemical structure, the device, which is a type of spectrometer, should be able to accurately identify just about anything. I’ve actually used a regular spectrometer in my chemistry lab! I am excited to try it when it comes out, and will report back!

  3. Love it! This would be an extremely helpful tool not only for myself but for my clients as they learn about eating healthier foods. Congratulations on this new project (IINDepth)!

    1. I know, I am very excited about the potential of Telspec, too! And thank you for the kind words about the new series, Kathy, and also sharing your thoughts. Looking forwards to lots of great episodes and more food for thought!

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