How to Make Green Juice Taste Great

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green juice taste great

Since my post last week about juice fasting, I’ve been getting tons of requests for juice recipes.

So here you are my sweets!

The Green Smile
Cucumber (one, with skin on)
Celery (4-5 large stalks)
Parsley (1 small bunch)
Apple (one)
Lemon (one small, without peel)

Green Lemonade
Celery (5-6 large stalks)
Kale (one bunch, stalks and all)
Apple (one)
Lemon (one, without peel)
Ginger (half inch piece)

Directions are simple: Juice and drink.

Oh, if only all cooking could be so easy!!

The trick with green juice is to add in apple and lemon. If you add in enough sweetness and tartness, the earthy-greeness is mellowed out.

Anyone else have good green juice recipes to share?


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  1. Do you have any idea how I can make a ‘green’ juice drink that tastes good without using apple? My 2 year old cannot have fructose (only in tiny amounts if given with glucose)so I’m trying to think of how I can make a vegetable juice drink that he will like. I’m waiting on my Omega 8004 to come in the mail, and meanwhile I’m trying to find good recipes. The foods he CAN have are kale, spinach, most leafy greens, broccoli, carrots in small portions, squash, blueberries, strawberries, and banana. I would have to sweeten if necessary with dextrose. Please let me know if you can help! We are desperate for ANY help for our little boy! He has severe fructose malabsorption, and can only absorb fructose when given an equal amount of glucose. Please help if you can! THANK YOU!!!

    1. Hi Peter and April! There are plenty of ways to make green juice taste good, not to worry. If he has a sweet tooth, my initial thought is to make more of a smoothie by first juicing greens, and then throwing into the blender with a banana, or strawberries, (or both). Also, some leafy greens, like swiss chard and spinach are naturally sweet, so you could start with those before you move onto kale, or do a mixture of both.

      However, if he doesn’t have a sweet tooth yet, I would suggest putting leafy greens with organic celery (so it makes it taste a little salty) or cucumber (which will mellow any “green” taste). The best thing to do is just experiment! Let me know how it works out!

  2. You know it’s hard to make juice taste good but I do have a secret that was passed down to me while I was doing the Gerson Theapy (which healed my cancer and 13 other conditions… as well as normalizing my weight and clearing my mind. The secret was banana. It was NOT part of the Gerson regime, so I could not do it during the therapy, but the second I was done I started adding bananna to my green juices and it was so much better. A little extra granny smith or fiji apples works well too. Here’s my video on the Gerson recipe for Green Juice (no add ins!)

  3. For my 3 kids it took a lot of experimenting, but I now make green juice with equal parts kale, cucumber & spinach, then throw it in the blender with a couple bananas, little bit of organic apple cider vinegar, lemon & lime juice & they can’t get enough of it! (& no celery or parsley as those are flavors in juice which they do not like) Hope this helps! 🙂

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