Nutrition Coaching


Ready to get healthy, but need guidance, motivation, and a roadmap?

Let me guide you step by step to:

  • define your health and wellness goals and create a plan to achieve them
  • find your motivation and hold you accountable until your goals are reached
  • rewire your mindset and tastebuds to crave healthy foods and shun unhealthy foods…for real
  • listen to your body and determine the best foods for your unique constitution
  • remedy common ailments (digestive issues, skin issues, headaches, low energy, moodiness, etc) by changing your diet. 
  • determine what is causing your “food issues” (overeating, stress eating, eating the wrong foods, cravings, etc.) and remedy that by treating the root cause versus just the symptom
  • develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits that actually stick

Nutrition Coaching maria-marlowe

The one-on-one nutrition counseling program is tailored to you.  This is how it works: 

1- CONSULTATION: Fill out the questionnaire below and schedule a 15-minute consultation, so I can get a better sense of your goals, you can ask any questions about working together, and we can decide if working together would be a good fit. My specialty is weight loss and clearing up acne. 

2- FOOD JOURNAL & HEALTH HISTORY: You will fill out a detailed health history and food journal for 1 week prior to our first session.

3- ASSESSMENT & PLANNING: I will assess your current diet, lifestyle, concerns, and goals, and put together a comprehensive plan to address and reverse your concerns and reach your goals, all the while taking into account your current diet and lifestyle. All plans are designed to help you create healthy habits that stick, as painlessly as possible. 

4- FIRST SESSION: Our first session I will suggest the top 1-3 diet or lifestyle changes you can make that could have a significant improvement of your concerns, and move you towards your goals. I will thoroughly explain them, and give you a concrete plan to follow them. This is what you will focus on for the next week. (The reason we focus on one or a few small areas at a time, is so that you don’t become overwhelmed!) (50-minute session, over Skype, Phone, or In Person-NYC) 

5- REMAINING SESSIONS: We will continue to meet once a week, and build on habits from prior week. We will talk about your progress, troubleshoot if we need to, then I will educate you on new topics, and give you another set of actions to focus on. You will be held accountable to your goals and commitments, and given the support and guidance you need to follow through. (50-minute session, over Skype, Phone, or In Person-NYC) 

You’ll receive various handouts, meal plans, recipes, and tailored recommendations (for example for local restaurants). Sessions are conducted via phone, Skype, or Facetime – so you can work with Maria no matter where you are in the world. 

6- ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS: At the final session, we will assess your progress, and you’ll leave with recommendations to maintain what you’ve achieved. 

If you’re done with diets and dogma, and want real help, guidance, and accountability towards achieving your wellness goals, please fill out the questionnaire below and schedule a 15-minute consultation with Maria to discuss one-on-one nutrition coaching.


Sarah M testimonial



“Working with Maria has renewed my commitment to my own health and well-being. Aside from losing over 30 pounds, I feel more energetic, my mood is better, my skin is clearer, and I’m more confident. Plus, the weight continues to come off, even after we finished working together.”

yari testimonial
“By working with Maria, I finally cleared up my adult acne and lost 10+ pounds which I’ve kept off now for over 2 years. Doing the program, I realized how little I really knew about food and nutrition. Plus, now my husband has been so inspired by my transformation, he has started eating clean, too!”