The key to getting Healthy, Happy, & Glowing is to eat real food.

Unfortunately, there are tons of food impostors sitting on grocery store shelves. Pretty packages and wholesome sounding brand names mask their dark side and trick you into thinking they’re OK to eat.

After all, you would think that whatever is sold at the food store, would be food, right?


More than half the grocery store is stocked with things that are not fit for human consumption.

Learn what they are and how to avoid them with Healthy, Happy, & Glowing, The Healthy Eating Kickstart Kit. 

What’s inside:

  • Real Food Swap List: Toss these 12 food impostors and replace with their real food counterparts to boost nutrition and cut calories. (I bet you’re eating at least 7 of these, if not all!) 
  • What’s in My Fridge: Never throw out fresh produce again, with this clever trick. 

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