Power Food with Rens Kroes

Rens Kroes is my kinda girl: she loves food (particularly plants), makes it a point to make happiness a priority, and lives an uber-healthy lifestyle without being obsessive (read: she eats french fries when she feels like it without a twinge of guilt). 
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How Batch Cooking Will Change Your Life

If you’re always scrambling to get dinner on the table during the week, or often find yourself resorting to takeout, consider batch cooking to simplify your life, ensure you’re nourishing your body with the most nutritious foods, and save precious hours during the week. 
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Maria Marlowe NBC

Healthy Comfort Food

Sometimes a kale salad just doesn’t cut it, and you want something heavy, hearty, creamy, ooey-and gooey. That’s where these 3 healthy comfort food recipes come in, which feel like an indulgence yet are made with better for you ingredients. 
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