Free Jar of Almond Butter! Limited Time

Because it's better to have someone else subsidize your almond butter habit.
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almond butter

Almond butter is absolutely delicious, but let’s face it, expensive. My friends over at Thrive Market are allowing me to give my readers a FREE JAR OF ALMOND BUTTER for a limited time. 

Thrive Market is an incredible online health food store (sort of like if Whole Foods, Amazon, and Costco had a baby).

They stock tons of healthy brands at 20-50% off grocery store prices. (And no, you don’t have to buy in bulk).

I calculated that they save me over $1,500 a year!

They are able to offer such great prices because they charge an annual membership fee (currently about $65, or, roughly, $5 and change, a month).

Click this link to try Thrive Market free for 30 days, and get a FREE JAR OF ALMOND BUTTER while you’re at it. Existing Thrive members will also get a free jar with any purchase over $50. This offer ends Jan 31, 2017. So, order now! 

Then, you can make things like this Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Bread or The Best Homemade Almond Milk Recipe, Ever

Happy shopping my friends! 


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