Organic Food at Wholesale Prices

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save money organic groceries

Eating healthy (from anywhere) just got a whole lot cheaper!

You know one of my favorite sayings is:

“We pay the doctor to make us better

(if you’re reading this on your iPhone, feel free to snap a photo and repost!) 

That being said, you don’t need to empty your bank account to eat healthy. 

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I’m recently obsessed with Thrive Market. They are a new company with a big mission: to make healthy food affordable for everyone. Sort of like if Whole Foods met Costco and they had a baby, Thrive would be it. Of course, though, this is 2016, so this baby is completely online. 

Whole Foods at Wholesale Prices

Thrive Market is an ONLINE store, so you can order from anywhere in America. It’s a membership model, so for less than $5 a month, you get access to thousands of wholesome non-perishable products at wholesale prices (think 25-50% off).

You can more than make up for the cost of the membership in just one or two orders!

For example, I compared what it would cost me for a cart of some of my staple groceries at Thrive versus Whole Foods, and I was shocked! Literally I feel like I have been throwing my money away. When I compared the same exact brands/products/ sizes, this is what I found:

Thrive Market Savings

I’m saving $5 on a bottle of olive oil. $6 on a bag of pumpkin seeds. It would be stupid to ever buy these items again at Whole Foods. For most other things, there is a $1-$3 savings per item. On this one cart, I saved $41. (Plus, I didn’t have to play bumper shopping carts for an hour in a crowded store or schlep anything home.)  

As a single person who cooks a lot, up until about a month ago I would go into Whole Foods and spend at least $100 a week. That’s $5,200 a year.

By shopping at Thrive, based on what I buy, I’d save close to 30% off my grocery bill, which leaves an extra $1,560 in my pocket. I could go on vacation with that! 

Now imagine what you’ll save if you have a family of hungry kids!  

Wide Variety of Wholesome Products

In addition to food items, Thrive Market also carries supplements, natural beauty products (including organic tampons, which yes, are a must!), and home goods, like eco laundry detergent.

Note that just like at Whole Foods, not every item they sell is necessarily healthy. (Gluten-free vegan cookies, I’m looking at you). So you still must use your judgement and read ingredient lists. (You can check out The Real Food Grocery Guide for more guidance) 

Right now, they only ship dry goods and packaged products, so I buy whatever I can through Thrive, and do my fresh shopping at the local Farmer’s Market or health food store. They don’t have everything, but they are pretty close to it. 

Use this button to get 15% off your first order, + start a FREE 30-Day Trial: 

save money organic groceries

Want More Healthy Grocery Store Shopping Guidance?

Pre-order my first book, The Real Food Grocery Guide, for a more in-depth look at why you are what you eat, and how to select the healthiest foods in every aisle of the grocery store…without going broke!


Happy Shopping! And if you have any tips for saving money on organic groceries, please leave a comment below! 



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  1. Thank you for the price comparison. You saved me oodles of time, as this was on my list of things to do to determine if I will shop at Thrive or not. I feed a family of three and our budget is $250 per week. Imagine the savings for us! OK, I just calculated it. We will save $3,900 a year. 🙂

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